What is machine?

What Does machine Mean

From the Latin machĭna , a machine is a device created to take advantage of, regulate or direct the action of a force . These devices can receive a certain form of energy and transform it into another to generate a certain effect.

In this sense, we would also have to state that it is known as a machine, in the same way, what would be the train locomotive. That is to say, to that part of the railway vehicle that is responsible for ensuring that it works and can be put into operation to transport goods or people.
Precisely from that meaning, an expression arose that is used colloquially. We are referring to the adverbial phrase “full throttle”, which is used to refer to a train, any other vehicle or a person performing a task at a very fast speed.
Also within this area we would also have to talk about what is known as a machine log. It is specifically a very important document in the railway field since in it the train driver is in charge of writing down all the data of interest regarding both the operation of the vehicle and the fuel.

Formed by sets of fixed or mobile elements, the machines allow different jobs to be carried out . The set of machines is known as machinery . For example: “They are repairing the asphalt with a machine that makes a lot of noise” , “We need a machine to cut iron to fix the gate” , “I gave my grandfather a computer to replace his old typewriter” .
According to their energy sources, machines can be classified in different ways. The manual machines are those whose operation requires human strength. The electrical machines (such as generators or transformers) instead transform kinetic energy into another energy by having magnetic circuits and electrical circuits. The hydraulic machines and heat engines , meanwhile, used fluids.
Among the components of a machine, the motor (the device that allows generating the energy for the development of the required work), the mechanism (the mechanical elements that transform the energy carried by the motor) and the frame (a rigid structure that links the motor and the mechanism).
The development of different types of machines has revolutionized the industry and the world of work. Despite the fact that machines allow increasing productivity and reducing time, these devices have cut the jobs of human beings .
In the colloquial field it is also frequent that the term machine is used to refer to a person. Specifically, it is often said that someone is a machine, as a way of making it clear that he or she excels in some particular activity and that it is worthy of admiration.

Finally, we would have to state that this word is also used in the field of computing. In this case, we talk about what is called machine language, which is a set of instructions that are encoded and that any computer is capable of interpreting and then carrying out what is established in them.

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