What is macanudo?

What Does macanudo Mean

The adjective macanudo is used in colloquial language to refer to what, whether in a physical or symbolic sense, is good or pleasant . The term can be used to describe a person, a situation or an object.

A handsome individual is friendly and kind . This adjective is often used to say that it is a person who can be counted on, both in good times and in bad times. Some examples in which the term may appear are: “Yesterday I met Laura's boyfriend, he seemed like a great boy”, “My boss is great, many times he allows me to leave the office earlier so that I can spend more time with my friends. children ”,“ I thought he was someone cool, but he ended up being a pretty complicated subject ”.

Likewise, the term can be used to refer to a situation or a place. In that sense, it refers to something comfortable, cute or with positive characteristics ; Depending on the speaker, the term can take on various shades. Some examples with this sense can be: “It is a great hotel, we feel comfortable during our stay”, “The great thing about the situation is that, even if the team loses the next game, it is already classified for the next phase of the game. tournament ”,“ We ​​had a great meeting where we talked about our projects ”.
The character of Liniers
"Macanudo" is also the name given to the most popular comic strip by the Argentine artist Liniers, whose full name is Ricardo Liniers Siri . It is a comic strip that reflects on different current issues and has been published in the newspaper La Nación since 2002.
Liniers was born in Buenos Aires in 1973 and discovered his passion for drawing very early, realizing that it was the only way he had to take the fabulous characters from the movies home. Science fiction cinema and the work of other cartoonists, such as Francisco Solano López , Quino or Héctor Germán Oesterheld , were his main sources of inspiration . His way of understanding the comic is very particular because he is interested in offering simple images but with a social or humanistic background, and this is what makes it so authentic.
At first, his work was not well received; in fact, in the beginning he tried to publish strips in various media but was unsuccessful. It was thanks to the mediation of Maitena, the humorist creator of «Mujeres alteradas», who presented it in La Nación, that Liniers managed to make a place for himself in the Argentine art scene. Thanks to this opportunity, "Macanudo" was born, the strip that earned him a great popularity and that would allow him to cross national barriers, becoming one of the most important cartoonists of his generation .

The great variety of characters and the humanistic approach to the stories are the two most outstanding elements of this work by Liniers. Some of the recurring characters are the girl Enriqueta, the cat Fellini, the teddy bear Madariaga, the Mysterious man in black, Alfio the troglodyte ball, the imaginary monster Olga, Oliverio the olive, the penguins and the goblins, among others.
Using a style that is between the innocent and the dark, between the real and the dreamlike, Liniers has managed to capture various social behaviors by giving them a funny but not necessarily frivolous approach, and offering us an interesting reflection on our species and its customs.
Over the years, "Macanudo" was translated into numerous languages. In addition, thanks to this work, Liniers got other strips published both in newspapers and in magazines and books. Currently, "Macanudo" appears both in La Nación and in newspapers in Spain, Colombia, the United States and Chile.

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