What is ludogram?

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What Does ludogram Mean

A ludogram is a resource that allows to develop a graphic representation of the roles that the players assume in the framework of a match . It is generally used in those competitions where there is an object in circulation between the participants, such as a puck or a ball.

The development of the ludograma requires the presence of an observer . This individual is in charge of recording the time or times a player receives, hits or passes the object in question, for example .
In this way, the ludogram is a tool that allows counting how many times the player comes into contact with the central element of the game . It also serves to analyze the strategy according to the movements detected.

With a ludogram, the participation of the athlete is measured and it is studied who receives the ball and to whom it is delivered, among other variables. Thus, the results reflected in the ludogram provide important information for the coach, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
In the field of training, ludograms are useful to understand the interactions that take place within a group . The teacher is in a position to manage the protagonism of the players, limiting the interference of some in the game and, in turn, promoting the intervention of others.
The passes received , the passes sent and the annotations achieved can be clearly appreciated by means of a ludogram. Of course, the validity of the records will depend on the ability and suitability of the observer to take the appropriate notes.

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