What is lubrication center?

What Does lubrication center Mean

The term lubricentro is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The concept is linked to the action of lubricating : using a substance to minimize the friction that occurs between different surfaces that are in contact.

Lubricentro is called the establishment specialized in the lubrication of engines . This is usually a place where car oil changes are made and lubricants are sold .
A lubrication center , in short, is a lubrication center . In any case, the usual thing is that it offers additional services, such as checking and changing filters, coolant and antifreeze. In some cases they also monitor the tires, brake pads , lights and brushes.

It is important to note that a car engine, to function properly, needs to be lubricated. That is why cars have a lubrication system that is responsible for greasing many parts, protecting them and facilitating their movement.
For this lubrication system to do its job, the oil must be replaced every approximately 15,000 kilometers , although this figure depends on various circumstances. The oil change, sooner or later, is essential since the lubricant will get dirty and lose efficiency.
In the lubrication center, in this framework, they are in charge of extracting the used oil and placing the new oil. They can also add oil without replacement if necessary due to leaks. It is common that when changing the oil, the filters that prevent the passage of particles are also replaced .
Optimal lubrication of an engine must meet the following requirements:
* the moving parts must be lubricated to reduce the wear of the metal parts;
* each lubricated part must be adequately cooled;
* The mechanical couplings must be arranged correctly, with the oil film that improves the sealing;
* Bearing shocks must be absorbed and cushioned.
Another of the many services that they can offer is the change of spark plugs. In the past, vehicles required fine-tuning of their electronic control systems ; however, since current models do not exhibit comparable wear and tear, this is no longer common.
They can also carry out the cleaning of the injectors using ultrasound equipment. This mechanical type service arises in response to the requirements that injectors have to function correctly. After using a vehicle for a relatively long period of time, if it has a gasoline injection system, it is necessary to clean its injectors.

The importance of cleaning the injectors is because sediment builds up inside after prolonged use and does not allow fuel to spray properly into the cylinder . If we let this task pass for a long time, the vehicle loses power and the idle becomes irregular, something that is increasingly noticeable in use until it causes problems for the driver.
In the lubricants where they carry out this task, they begin by removing the injectors from the engine . Next, they are placed in an ultrasound equipment where they are returned to a state of correct operation.
In addition to all the services that lubricants offer, it is common for them to sell various products for customers to carry out some of the most important maintenance tasks on their cars. As you would expect, they usually have a wide variety of lubricants, since it is their specialty. However, it is also possible to buy products to treat the metal, clean the diesel particulate filter or clean the valves.

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