What is lost?

What Does lost Mean

The adjective self-absorbed allows to allude to that or that which implies or expresses self-absorption . This term ( self-absorption ), in turn, refers to the attitude adopted by those who ignore the outside to focus on internal affairs or their privacy .

Someone absorbed, therefore, does not pay attention to the environment , but is absorbed in his thoughts . It can be said that the self-absorbed individual isolates himself from his surroundings.
Suppose a man is worried about some work issues. This means that, when attending a meeting for his nephew's birthday, he almost does not talk with his relatives. He is even inattentive and does not answer the questions asked of him, since he is absorbed in his concerns . Faced with this reality, it can be said that the subject is self-absorbed.

Self-absorption consists of directing attention inward . If this tendency is exaggerated and permanent or constant, it may be due to some type of psychological or other disorder. Self-absorption is common in people with autism , for example.
In general, something negative is not detected in the self-absorbed to complete a task, finish a job or solve a challenge. In this case, self-absorption is associated with concentration . On the other hand, if there is someone absorbed in a social event or walking on public roads, others will tend to think that they have a problem or that they have a serious problem.
Being self-absorbed, in short, is not good or bad in and of itself. It all depends on the context and the frequency in which this disconnection with the external occurs.

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