What is lost?

What Does lost Mean

Lost is a concept that comes from losing . This verb can refer to not finding something that one had ; not to get what one expects; to squander or squander something; or to cause damage to an object.

The adjective lost, therefore, can be used in different ways. Someone is lost when he does not know where he is and moves aimlessly. For example: “When there is a lost child on the beach, it is common for people to start clapping to attract attention and locate the parents” , “The explorer remained two days lost in the jungle until he was found by local people " , " I am not lost, I am just trying to determine which is the best way to continue the journey .

It is often said that a child is lost when he is momentarily away from his parents in a public space. Due to logical reasons of age , the little one will not know how to locate himself or be able to return home by his own means. Adults, on the other hand, can get lost when visiting a place they do not know.
The idea of ​​lost can also be associated with some adjectives to enhance its meaning. A man may claim that he is a "lost romantic" to refer to his attachment to romanticism. Someone who has a passion for soccer , for their part, may indicate that they are a "lost fan" of the sport.
In a similar sense, it is said that someone is "lost" for something when they have a great fondness for it: "I am lost for the chocolates of the new business that they opened in front of my house" , "Laura is lost for Justin Bieber: he bought all their records ” .
On the other hand, feeling lost can refer to the emotional plane, a feeling of dissatisfaction with one's achievements in life or not knowing very well what decisions to make. It is something common to many people, especially in stages such as the transition to adolescence and the emancipation of parents, as well as when reaching certain key ages, such as 30 or 40 years, moments in which it is expected that we have achieved most of our goals.
How to help a lost animal
Especially in certain cities and in open areas, it is very common to find lost cats and dogs, who ask us for help with their looks and it is likely that those people who have never lived with an animal do not know how to act, who to turn to.
Unfortunately for these wonderful creatures, by "lost animal" we must also understand "abandoned." A dog or a cat, for example, rarely lose track to return home, since they have powerful senses that guide them much better than a group of human beings combining their faculties ; However, for the puppies the situation is less favorable and many adult animals are abandoned following twisted strategies that make it difficult for them to return to their families.

First of all, an excellent idea is to take a picture of them ; Today almost everyone has a mobile phone capable of capturing quality images, so this step should not be a problem. Here are several options to help a lost animal:
* make use of one of the several mobile applications developed specifically for this purpose, such as Back2Gether , Finding Rover and the innovative PiP , which includes a canine facial recognition function;
* publish animal information on free ad platforms;
* visit the portals of local animal protectors, as well as their accounts in the most popular social networks;
* ask for the collaboration of all our friends and acquaintances;
* Go to the veterinary stores in our area and send them a poster with a large and clear photograph of the lost animal, as well as our contact information.

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