What is logical thinking?

What Does logical thinking Mean

In Latin and also in Greek is where we find the etymological origin of the two words that give shape to the term logical thinking that we are now going to analyze in depth. Specifically, the verb stems thought pensare that is synonymous with "thinking."

Logical, on the other hand, has its point of origin in the Greek as it comes from the word logos which can be translated as "reason".
The logical thinking is one that emerges from the relationships between objects and proceeds of self - development of the individual. It arises through the coordination of the relationships that you have previously created between objects.
It is important to note that differences and similarities between objects only exist in the mind of the one who can create them. That is why logical knowledge cannot be taught directly . Instead, it develops as the subject interacts with the environment.

The pedagogy indicates that teachers must promote experiences, activities, games and projects that allow children to develop their logical thinking through observation, exploration, comparison and classification of objects.
It should be noted that logic is the science that exposes the laws, modes and forms of scientific knowledge.
It is a formal science that has no content, since it is dedicated to the study of valid forms of inference. Therefore, logic is responsible for the study of the methods and principles used to distinguish correct reasoning from incorrect.
All these characteristics are what lead to affirm that logical thinking becomes an indispensable tool for human beings in their day-to-day lives, because thanks to it they can solve the problems that arise on a daily basis. Thus, by observing everything that surrounds you, your own experience, comparison, the classification of objects that can be found or everything that you can observe in your environment, you will have the ability to develop this type of thinking and solve conflicts. that appear in your routine.
In this sense, logical thinking is used to analyze, argue, reason, justify or test reasoning. It is characterized by being precise and exact , based on probable data or facts. Logical thinking is analytical (divides reasoning into parts) and rational, follows rules and is sequential (linear, goes step by step).
For these reasons, it is clear that logical thinking also becomes a very useful tool for science. And it is that thanks to him and everything he allows, the same progress will be achieved in favor of the human being, a better quality of life and the solution to the problems that still cannot be solved.
In this sense, the fact that science needs rationality, classification, sequentiality, and accuracy of this type of thinking is remarkable in order to develop.

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