What is locution?

What Does locution Mean

The concept of locution , derived from the Latin word locutio , refers to action and the way of speaking : pronouncing words, communicating through them. The notion usually appears in the realm of the media and in the realm of grammar .

In the case of the media, speech is associated with expression through the voice . It is called speech, in this framework, the career studied by those who wish to use the voice on radio, television, digital media and with a live audience.
The voice over expert is known as an announcer . This is a professional who, thanks to his training and practice, knows how to use his voice to communicate with precision, transmitting the emotions he wants according to each need.

Many of the radio and TV hosts are voice over specialists. So are those who animate different events and even, sometimes, those who work in the field of dubbing .
In grammar, on the other hand, phrases are sets of words that, by functioning as a single lexical piece , have a unitary meaning . In addition, the stable combination of different words that constitutes a particular class of words is called a locution.
The phrases, in this sense, act as a unit that has its own meaning. This meaning does not come from the literal sense of the terms that compose it.
The adverbial , for example, are similar to those adverbs in their syntactic meaning or operation. The noun phrases , meanwhile, resemble the nouns , while the adjective phrases to the adjectives and the verbal phrases , to the verbs .

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