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What Does lock Mean

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) recognizes a score of meanings of the term plate , including various regional and colloquial uses. The first meaning that it mentions refers to a sheet or sheet of a metal or other material .

Typically, a sheet is a thin metal plate that is used to make different artifacts and in the construction field . The thickness of the sheet depends on the destination that will be given to it.
Sheet metal is frequently treated to improve its defense against corrosion and oxidation . That is why the sheets are usually galvanized or chrome-plated .

The plates are important in the bodies of the vehicles , for example. They can also be used on roofs of different types of constructions and even to develop boxes or huts .
It is also known as sheet or chapita to the metal plug allowing seal a bottle . Mentioned as crown cap , end cap , lid or corcholata by region, the plate must be removed with a bottle opener and an extracted time can not be replaced (or, at the least, and can not seal the package).
The beer bottles often closed with a plate. With the passage of time , however, other alternative caps have emerged that either screw on or can be removed without the need for a bottle opener.
Depending on the area and context, moreover, the notion refers plate to plate used by police or patent or license plate identifying a vehicle: "The officer entered the bar with the plate in his hand and asked them to those present who remained seated while he inspected the place " , " I did not get to see the plate of the car that hit me and ran away . "

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