What is load?

What Does load Mean

The act and consequence of charging give rise to the notion of charging . The concept, which can be used in certain contexts as a synonym for position , is related to that thing that generates weight or pressure with respect to another or the structure that is transported (either on the back or shoulders of an individual, on the back of an animal or in a vehicle).

For example: "The load is already in the truck: as soon as we receive the order, we leave for the city" , "I don't think it can carry that much load, I'm not that strong" , "This horse has always helped me transport the cargo to the village " , " The cargo arrived four hours late .
It is interesting to note that the load can also be the weight that a certain base or structure can support : "This reinforced table can support a load of one ton" , "The shelf gave way to the load and broke in half" , "Be careful , the load is already bending the legs of the furniture ” .

Likewise, we cannot ignore that charge is also known as the amount of ammunition or explosive that is placed in a firearm to proceed with its firing. In this case, we find that rifles, pistols or mortars, for example, require a corresponding charge to function.
In addition, it also makes use of what is called depth charge. A term that defines the explosive that is used to blow up and attack what are underwater objects.
In this warlike sense, it should be emphasized that this concept that we are addressing is also used to refer to the energetic, frontal and forceful attack that a troop carries out against its rival. The objective of this action is clear: to come into direct contact with the enemy and to destabilize it.
Throughout history there have been various types of charges, but the best known is the one carried out by cavalry. It was characterized because it was launched when the opponent was going through his worst moments, phases of weakness, and because, in most cases, it was manifested through the gallop of the troops that provided speed and forcefulness.
In the latter case, it must be emphasized that, until the appearance of firearms, this warlike charge was developed using everything from swords or spears to bows with arrows.
A type of charge that we are approaching, which is also known by the name of breastplate charge, so named because the members of the two cavalries face melee.
Another use of the term is related to the device, part or replacement of a piece whose content runs out or ends with a certain frequency : “The battery has run out of charge again” , “Do you have a charge in your phone? Mine ran out of credit ” , “ I have to buy a new refill for my blue pen ” .
In the field of physics , on the other hand, the property of certain subatomic particles is known as electric charge, which is evident through attraction and repulsion phenomena that manage to fix multiple interactions between them at the electromagnetic level. Matter that has an electrical charge is conditioned by electromagnetic fields and, at the same time, generates them.

In certain sports , loading is the action of loading (in the sense of displacing another player through a violent shock ): "Gomez scored twice, but the referee charged him and canceled the play . "

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