What is living being?

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What Does living being Mean

A living being is a highly complex organism that is born, grows, reaches the capacity to reproduce and dies . These organisms are made up of a large number of atoms and molecules that constitute a system endowed with organization and in constant relationship with the environment.

Living beings can function autonomously throughout their existence and only suffer the loss of their structural properties when they die. These beings are made up of cells , inside which various chemical reactions take place that enzymes are responsible for catalyzing.
The tiger, an example of a living being.
Distinctive characteristics of a living being
There are several characteristics that allow differentiating a living being from that which is subject to inertia. The organization (from the cells, which are its primary entities), homeostasis (the balance that exists within), metabolism (the conversion of energy into nutrients), irritability (response to external stimuli), adaptation (living species evolve to adapt to the environment), development (increase in size) and reproduction (the ability to generate similar copies of the same organism, either sexually or asexually) are some of the properties of living beings.

Other types of entities share several of these particularities, but not all. The virus also have a high degree of organization and can reproduce, but have no metabolism or develop.
The most typical examples of living beings are human beings , animals (of all kinds: dogs, lions, elephants, dolphins, mosquitoes, snakes, etc). and plants . There are, however, other living organisms, such as fungi and bacteria .
Human beings exploit other species of living beings to satisfy their needs and interests.
The human being and its link with other species
The different cultures created by human beings share the unfortunate tendency to harm other living beings, always seeking to justify their actions so as not to face their cruel and ruthless condition. Perhaps the most innocent way in which people attempt against nature is the slaughter of animals for their own food; the different species that serve as food for the insatiable digestive system of men are raised in conditions that the victims of wars and concentration camps could little envy, deprived of their freedom and condemned to gain weight and then be killed .

It is sad to think that their only consolation may be the fact of living five times less than expected , in the best of cases, since many go through the knife shortly after birth, such as calves. Human beings grow up being indirect participants in this horror, and some take the next step and become executioners. The most terrible and worrying thing is that we hide behind ridiculous and inaccurate reasons , where the word protein is usually the protagonist.
But animals are not the only victims of our species, since the vegetables we eat do not enjoy a very natural life either . As often happens, there are groups of people who try to promote change, put an end to so much violence and begin to live in harmony with the other inhabitants of this planet; but the structure of human societies is not compatible with respect and equality.
The dog, a living being that is an example of adaptation
Dogs are the closest example that many people have of living beings that learn to adapt and respect those around them . Starting from the fidelity and affection that they show us, they accept all kinds of impositions and humiliations, such as training processes, in order to make us happy.
Estos animales soportan paseos en los que no se les permite correr en libertad, lo cual debe resultar tortuoso para animales tan activos. Se someten a todas estas condiciones injustas y jamás hacen uso de su fuerza superior, ni de sus supersentidos o de sus garras y dientes para imponerse; si tan sólo comenzáramos a imitarlos, resolveríamos gran parte de los problemas del mundo.

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