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What Does link Mean

Before going fully into the meaning of the term link we have to establish that it is an Anglicism. Of course, that English word must be determined that it derives, in turn, from the Nordic. Specifically, it emanates from “hlenkr”, which can be translated as “chain link”.

Link is a term that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). In Spanish, the equivalent concept is link : connection, union.
Beyond its native language, the idea of ​​link appears frequently in the field of computing , more precisely in the context of the Internet . A link is an element that, in a digital document, establishes a link with another resource .

In this way, appealing to a protocol and a network , a link is constituted as a tool that facilitates access to different data. It is a key component for navigating through the World Wide Web ( WWW ).
When an Internet user opens his browser and enters a website , the usual thing is that he starts a tour of different pages through the corresponding links. Suppose this person visits a digital newspaper. On the cover you will find the headlines of various news, which in turn present links to enter each article and read it in full. Thus, the subject clicks on the link they want to leave the page in question and go to another.
The link can not only refer to a different page or site. It can also be linked to a specific part of the same page, allow the download of a file or send an email , to name a few possibilities.
In addition to the above, we cannot ignore the existence of a free tool that is used to create personalized links: Linktree. It also gives the possibility of sending a specific user a page where they can find a wide variety of links.
At present, this software tool is used, above all, by people who want to present different links in what is the BIO of their respective profiles of the Instagram social network. And they do it both for the result that it allows to achieve and for the fact that it is easy to use and because, in addition, it is fast.
Link , on the other hand, is the name of the main character in the saga "The Legend of Zelda" , a video game created by Nintendo . It is also called Link to a network of automatic teller machines (ATMs) of the Argentine Republic .
In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is also what is known as Link Finance. This is a company specialized in what is credit management. It was founded in 2004 in Spain and has become one of the preferred partners of the country's credit providers and even the most significant banks.

It must be stated that it is included within the Link Financial Group and that it operates in eight different countries. It should also be noted that Link Finanzas has more than 500 companies and that it is based in Madrid.

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