What is light bulb?

What Does light bulb Mean

Bombilla is short for bomb . The concept can be used to name the glass object that, with a thread of tungsten, platinum or another material inside that becomes incandescent with the passage of the current of electricity , is used to light .

In this case, bulb stands for electric lamp or bulb . Although several inventors worked on the development of this type of device, its creation is attributed to the American Thomas Alva Edison , who was granted the corresponding patent in 1880 .

The bulbs can work from the fluorescence of a metal that receives a discharge of electricity or through the heating of a filament by means of the Joule effect . The efficiency in generating light can reach 70% .
When the light bulb uses the Joule effect , it is called an incandescent light bulb . The heating process makes the filament, with the passage of current, turn red-white. Most of the electricity consumed by these bulbs is transformed into heat, and only 15% is converted into light .
The compact fluorescent light bulbs instead, better use of electricity and have longer life. The LED bulbs , meanwhile, using light emitting diodes.
In recent times, led bulbs have experienced a notable increase in demand. This is due to the fact that it is considered that they bring with them a long list of advantages, among which we can highlight some such as the following:

-They consume 80% less energy than what would be a “traditional” light bulb. Hence, making use of LEDs means taking an important step towards being able to save economically.

-In the same way, another important benefit of led bulbs is that they offer greater light efficiency.

-Not less relevant is that they are determined not to pollute, that they protect the environment much better when compared to other models. This is due, among many other things, to the fact that they considerably reduce CO2 emissions since they do not emit infrared rays or ultraviolet rays.

-In addition, it is indicated that the bulb in question has a much longer useful life than the bulbs of a lifetime. Thus, as a general rule, it has a life of about 50,000 hours.

-It is also established that another great advantage of these lighting devices is that they offer a high quality of light.

-Not less relevant is that they do not require maintenance and you do not have to be changing them as frequently as it happens with other models.

-Of course, in this list of benefits of so-called led lamps we cannot ignore the fact that they protect health.

A tube that is used to draw a liquid is also called a light bulb or bulb . In the American continent, a straw or straw that is used to drink mate is specifically called a bombilla . The part that is inserted into the bottom of the container ends in a bulb with holes that allows the yerba to be filtered, causing only the infusion to pass through the bulb .

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