What is life story?

What Does life story Mean

A story is a narrative , a story, or an exposition of events , whether real or fictional. The concept of life , on the other hand, has a great variety of interpretations, but in this case we will refer to life as existence .

This allows us to infer that a life story is a story with the events that a person lived throughout their existence. Of course, this account will never be exhaustive since it is impossible to review every event that occurred in the life of a subject from birth to the present or death.

The life story, therefore, usually summarizes the most salient facts of the existence of an individual . The choice of what is narrated will depend on the perspective of the person himself (in case it is he who is speaking) or who is telling the life story.
When creating a life story, it is vital to carry out a series of steps necessary to achieve the expected result. Thus, the professionals of this type of document coincide in emphasizing that interviews must be undertaken with all the people who, in one way or another, can make known part of the existence of the person dealing with the story.
Family members, friends, partners or colleagues in the professional field are the ones who should be interviewed when obtaining the greatest possible amount of data regarding the existence of the person in question. In the same way, it is also vital to carry out the use of newspaper clippings, personal items, photographs ...
In addition, it is equally essential, before starting to write, to establish a chronological order of all the documents that are possessed on the individual because, in this way, it is how the succession of the events that were fundamental in life will be clear of that.
We can link the life story to the biography , which is the written narrative that summarizes the main events in the life of a person or the literary genre in which these narratives are framed.
In this sense, we would have to clarify the difference between what is biography and autobiography. The first is the one written by a person, usually a journalist or writer, exposing the most important events in the life of another: birth, failures, successes, marriages, children, accidents, family tragedies ...
The second, the autobiography, is for its part that document that an individual in question writes by himself narrating all the events that have marked his existence. In this way, he gives readers a clear account of his ideas, feelings, sensations, most relevant episodes of his life ...
All people have a life story. However, it is common for these stories to be made public or become biographies only in cases where the protagonist enjoys popularity or recognition since then his life becomes interesting for the rest of society .

Another use of the notion of life story refers to a story that, for some reason, marked the life of a person.

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