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What Does lesson Mean

The concept of lesson (from the Latin lectĭo ) has several uses and meanings. One of the most common meanings refers to the instruction of theoretical and / or practical knowledge that a teacher does to his disciples or students. For example: “I found the Greek history lesson very entertaining” , “The teacher said that next week we will have a chemistry lesson in the laboratory” , “Of the twenty boys, only three were satisfied with the new teacher's lessons ” .

A lesson is also what the teacher tells the student to study : “Pérez, come to the front to give a lesson” , “I have a geography lesson at school tomorrow” , “I hope the teacher doesn't call me to give a lesson, why not I studied the topic of the day ” .

Within the educational field, it must be emphasized that it is essential that every lesson presented in class must have parts as important as an introduction, the content itself or the practical exercises.
It is also interesting to establish the existence of other types of lessons that are very important within what is the field of teaching. In this sense, we would have to highlight, for example, what is called the inaugural lecture, which is the lecture given at the beginning of the course by one of the illustrious professors of the university in question.
In the same way, there is also what is known as a magisterial lesson, which is the one carried out by a person specialized in a subject in a conference or seminar that precisely deals with that one.
The example or admonition that, either in word or through action, teaches a mode of conduct is also known as a lesson: "The mother of the victim gave a lesson to those who ask for a hard hand by affirming that she has forgiven the aggressor" , "The disabled swimmer who crossed the English Channel offered a life lesson" , "If you continue to bother me, I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget . "
Also, we could not forget the fact that within our colloquial language we make use of a series of expressions that incorporate the term lesson that we are now analyzing. Thus, for example, we come across the verbal phrase "to teach someone a lesson." With it, what is tried to express is that someone has proceeded to show another that he has made a mistake and also proceeds to correct it.
But there is still more. There is also the phrase "take the lesson", which is used to express that a student is learning a subject thanks to a teacher who is giving him all the necessary knowledge about it as well as the skills that are needed to work on it.
Lesson, on the other hand, is each chapter or section in which some writings are divided : "I have to read the fourth lesson of the document before the presentation" , "The second lesson of the book I have not understood clearly . "

The various ways of reading ancient manuscripts , which may incorporate copyists' faults, are also known as lessons. The Bible , the Greek poets, and the Latin prose writers have their lessons.

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