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What Does lap Mean

To proceed to determine the meaning of the term lap, the first thing to do is to know its etymological origin. This means that we discover that it derives from Latin, specifically from the vulgar verb “recaptiare”, which means “to catch” and that it is made up of two different parts:

-The prefix “re-”, which is used to indicate reiteration.

-The verb “captiare”, which is synonymous with “captivate” or “hunt”.

The lap is the area of ​​the body that extends between the waist and the knees . It is also the name given to the part of the skirt that covers this body sector. For example: “When I was little, I would sit on my grandmother's lap listening to her stories” , “You have a sauce stain on your lap” , “The young man kept the baby on his lap until he fell asleep” .
The idea of ​​a lap is often associated with concepts related to protection and comfort . This stems from the custom of adults to make the children of the family, such as children, nephews or grandchildren, lie down or sit on their laps. With this action, containment is provided to the little ones.

In the case of the care of babies, it is established that it is not only advisable for their parents to hold them in the lap when they are crying, when they are nervous or when they are sick, but also on other occasions. Specifically, it is considered that as soon as it is born, the child must be placed on his mother's lap so that, upon hearing her heart, he can relax and feel protected from the “fear” that he may feel when he arrives in the world. An action that will also serve so that both can, thanks to skin-to-skin contact, strengthen and tighten even more if possible their emotional ties.
The latter is so important that many hospitals are already betting that parents also undertake this action. Thus, for your child to also know you, love you and feel you as a protector, the choice is made for the man to sit in a chair without a shirt or T-shirt to hold the baby on his lap. In this way, the little one can begin to identify him and strengthen his emotional ties, by feeling his contact with his parent's skin.
For this reason, to host or receive something or someone in the lap means to protect it or to welcome it : “Our nation received thousands of immigrants who came in search of a better future in its lap” , “I grew up in the lap of this institution” , “The small temple on the mountain was always a lap for pilgrims ” .
In the English language , the term for lap is lap . In this way, various notions are formed that are frequently used in our language. A laptop is a computer notebook (or laptop ) whose name is linked to the user can place the device on your lap for use. It is known as lap dance , on the other hand, the sensual dance that a woman performs on a man's lap, usually in a nightclub.

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