What is lap?

What Does lap Mean

The adjective lap is used to refer to what is linked to the skirt . The term skirt, meanwhile, refers to a woman's lap or the garment that covers from the waist down .

A man is classified as a lapdero when he is a womanizer or when he enjoys being among women . The subject who tends to obey female directions or instructions is also said to be lapped . For example: "Be careful with Claudio, he's a lazy boy" , "Don't be lazy and come and have a drink at the bar with us" , "My cousin was always lazy, since he was little he used to spend the day with the neighborhood girls .

A lapdog , on the other hand, is a dog of small size that can recline comfortably in the lap of any person . Lap dogs can also be held in the arms without inconvenience as they are very light.
Beyond size, the idea lapdog mentions a beast of good - natured and friendly . That is why they are usually chosen by families as pets , since they are not aggressive and are generally harmless.
Symbolically, the individual who is servile and who submits to the designs of another is classified as a lap dog . A lapdog, or lapdog , is someone who lacks initiative and who limits himself to obeying orders : "Our president is acting like the lapdog of the US president, his attitude is a disgrace" , "Be careful with López, he is the boss's lap dog ” , “ I need an assistant to correct me if I'm wrong, not a lap dog ” .

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