What is label?

What Does label Mean

Rótulo is a term that comes from the Latin rotŭlus . It is this inscription that is placed on something to indicate what it is, where it is sent, what it is, etc . For example: "Please note the label on each box and order them according to their content" , "The label indicates that this product has expired three months ago" , "I don't know what's in the bag, it doesn't have any label" .

Signs are used a lot in everyday life. It can be said, at a general level, that a label is a label with some type of information . The data that appears is linked to what is being labeled: the label of a bag with food will not present the same information as the label of a box with documents from an office, to name two cases.

The purpose of the label is to provide clear and precise information in a few words . The idea is that people, when they find a certain container, container or package, can observe the label and know what the object in question contains inside.
In certain contexts, labels are created informally. Suppose a person prepares his move; for this, he keeps his personal belongings in boxes. He will add a label to each box so that later, in his new home, he will be able to identify where he kept each thing. The labels can say "Books" , "Souvenirs" , "Toys" , and so on.
The foods that are marketed, on the other hand, usually present labels with mandatory inclusion information : production date, expiration date, weight and other data .
One of the types of signs that has more presence in recent years in our day to day are illuminated signs. These come to be the structures that are placed on the facades of commercial premises and establishments of different kinds with their names, so that ordinary citizens can identify them and become customers of those if they wish.
Many are the entities that are specialized in the design and creation of this type of devices, because they are fundamental in the premises. And it is that thanks to them the owners of these manage to benefit from a long list of advantages such as these:

-They work as a first-rate advertising tool, which allows the establishments where they are placed to be clearly represented and identified.

-Help to strengthen the brand image.

-They are very attractive, so, inevitably, they manage to capture the attention of people who pass by the place where they are placed.

-They become a permanent marketing resource for locals since they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is so because they have lighting, which makes them visible also at night.
In addition to all this, it should be noted that luminous signs have a cheaper price than other similar devices, such as corporeal letters, and have great resistance, since they are manufactured by materials capable of resisting impacts and even weather conditions. adverse.

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