What is kitchen?

What Does kitchen Mean

From the Latin coquina , the kitchen is the place where food is prepared . It can be the environment dedicated to that task in a home or the specific space in a restaurant, for example. In the kitchen, food can usually be washed, cut, boiled, roasted, fried or cooked.

On the other hand, the appliance that allows food to be cooked is known as a kitchen . In this sense, the term is used as a synonym for oven . The kitchen can have a stove, stove, grill and other components, which will be used according to the food that you want to prepare. The kitchen can run on gas, electricity or coal, for example.
The notion of cuisine also makes it possible to refer to the gastronomic art or the special way of cooking of each country , region or chef: "Mexican cuisine is too spicy for my taste" , "My mother loves Chinese food" , "Pedro led to Lourdes for dinner at a restaurant that specializes in Italian food ” .

Within the culture of a territory, the way in which its inhabitants eat is one of the most interesting elements, possibly because food is related to the type of life they lead .
So much so that in big cities eating habits are usually based on fast food, pre-cooked foods and unnatural substances; On the other hand, in rural areas the cuisine is usually based on natural foods , even in many cases with products that come from the same land.
This is because in the city there is a faster pace of life and people do not have time to cook and do not pay special attention to their food; In the countryside the pace of life is intense but more relaxed and food is given real importance , so time is always taken to prepare a good lunch, eat properly and return to the hard workday . Possibly this is also related to the fact that physical activity is greater in the field, so if they were not fed correctly, they would not be able to perform the same.
A master chef is the senior cook who directs the shop assistants in his field. All large restaurants have a master chef who is in charge of coordinating the preparation of the dishes.
A battery cooking is all the necessary utensils for cooking, which are usually of copper, aluminum, iron or steel.
Finally, we can say that the white and crystalline substance that is used as a seasoning is known as kitchen salt . Salt, in general, is sodium chloride.
Eating habits
Since ancient times, human beings base their diet on proteins that come from the body of other living beings , however, it is known that excess of them is harmful to the body and that, in addition, there are ways to get a good diet without having that to do so take the life of another living being.

In recent years, a series of ideologies have been made known that advocate respect for all animal species and, therefore, are against the consumption of meat.
The fundamental reason why it is advisable to abandon this eating habit is that just as all humans want to live and we do not want anyone to take away this freedom, animals also want to do so and by killing them, we are acting against their will and freedom ; In any case, in terms of health it is also important to eliminate meat from our diet, since due to the great demand that exists for it, the way in which animals are raised is less and less natural and, therefore, consuming them we are introducing into our body a series of substances that in the long run can cause serious health problems .
It is known that if we manage to live in a more ethical way, we can be happier, so eliminating the consumption of energy from other animals from our diet can deeply help us to improve not only our physical health , but also our health. our emotional health .

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