What is jovial?

What Does jovial Mean

The etymology of jovial brings us to the late Latin word Ioviālis, which refers to that which belongs to Jupiter . That is why the concept can be used to refer to what is linked to Jupiter , also known as Jove (god of Roman mythology).

The most common use of the notion, however, refers to the festive or fun . Jovial, in this framework, is an adjective that qualifies that or that happy or blissful .
For example: "Even in the worst of times he maintained a jovial and optimistic demeanor" , "The hotel has a modern and jovial profile that is perfect for younger travelers" , "The jovial appearance of the man surprised rescuers" .

A jovial atmosphere , to cite one case, is informal, understated, and entertaining. In an office with a jovial atmosphere, therefore, you work in a relaxed way and the employees have ample freedom.
A person with a jovial spirit , on the other hand, tends to make jokes, does not get depressed in the face of adversity and maintains his good humor. These individuals stand out for their positive attitude and for trying to minimize conflicts in social ties.
All this can help us to understand the bases of the personality that is generally considered jovial , but psychology shows us that the mind of a human being is much more complex than it seems. We often try to define people with a single word: funny, depressive, active, lazy, and so on. However, it is enough to look at oneself carefully to discover that we are a set of various qualities, some of them contradictory.
Contradictions, in fact, are an almost inherent part of our nature, they are the source of that spark, of those outbursts that give rise to evolution. If we moved in only one direction and in only one direction, life would be devoid of emotion. Someone who only knows how to smile does not know happiness, because he cannot contrast it with sadness, for example. For this reason, many of the individuals whom we describe as "jovial" are also depressive, they can also sink into a pit in the face of problems, even if they do not discuss it with their environment.
This corresponds to the balance of each person, to the opposing forces that must act in the personality to keep it alive and give rise to potential movements in new directions. Without this tension there would be no maturation, and we would be exactly the same at five years and at ninety.
In a social group there must also be balance for it to function and develop. It is not normal to meet a group of friends who all have the same personality , the same tastes and frustrations, needs and fears. A union of this type is not natural. Without an introvert, for example, the extrovert cannot offer others the effervescent effects of his or her way of being; in turn, without this pair, the introvert cannot provide others with that calm and introspection that are so necessary. A jovial being, a quiet one, an impulsive one and a reflective one, among others, can be the beginning of an ideal recipe to form a group that can cope with a wide range of different situations.

Jovial is also the name of a Swiss brand of watches, pens (pens), wallets, bags and perfumes. It was founded in 1929 in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds and currently has points of sale in countries such as Russia , Canada , the United Arab Emirates and Thailand , among others.
Finally, Jovial Foods, Inc. is a company dedicated primarily to the marketing of gluten-free pasta , cookies and flours. It also makes and sells products made with einkorn wheat flour, also known as einkorn or spelled wheat.

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