What Does jet lag Mean

Meaning of Jet lag

It is defined as jet lag, or also called rapid time zone change syndrome , it is the name that receives an imbalance that occurs between the internal clock that an individual has, which is responsible for marking the periods of sleep and wakefulness and the new schedule that is established after traveling long distances, when crossing several time zones.

Regardless of whether it is an individual who travels frequently, or is planning a vacation to a distant location, the person is most likely experiencing certain symptoms that are related to Jet Lag.

For many years the belief that Jet Lag was simply a state of mind was maintained , however today it is known that the condition is actually the result of a natural imbalance in the body that is caused by crossing different time zones then of travelling.

What happens is that the biological rhythm that the human body has , called the circadian rhythm, takes time to adapt to the new schedule that is established in the country of destination. This internal clock is possessed by all human beings, it covers cycles of 24 hours and 11 minutes, that is why when several strips of the Earth are crossed , hours are being added or subtracted, depending on the direction in which the displacement occurs. . The most common consequence is that you feel sleepy during the day , or failing that you cannot get to sleep at night , however, it is important to note that jet lag is also the cause of other discomforts.

The intensity levels with which jet lag can affect depends on several factors. However, the number of time zones that are exceeded until reaching another country can be mentioned as the main responsible . Another element of great importance is the direction in which the individual moves.

Since, for example, when traveling to the west, the impact of jet lag will be less than if the journey is made towards the east; Or, what is the same, the desynchronization of the internal clock will be more pronounced if we fly from France to Japan compared to if the destination is in the Caribbean, just to give an example.

The English expression jet lag is accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) and is part of its dictionary. This phrase is used to refer to the discomfort that a person suffers after traveling by plane through several time zones .

The time zones are divisions of the planet Earth that are performed through 24 that are equally spaced meridians. In each zone there is a certain time, which means that there are different time zones worldwide. If someone travels a long distance on a flight and lands in a time zone very different from the one they took off, they are likely jet lagged.
This disorder occurs when an individual rapidly changes time zones . This causes an imbalance between the internal clock (which regulates the so-called circadian rhythm , responsible for coordinating the periods of wakefulness and sleep) and the schedule that governs the place where you arrived.

When a subject flies many hours and crosses different time zones, it is very possible that it will take him a few days to adjust his internal clock to the new reality. In this way, as a consequence of jet lag, you will be in a waking state at night and feel sleepy during the day.

Jet lag can cause anything from fatigue and listlessness to irritability . A stage of confusion is also common and digestive problems may even appear .

In the same way, it should not be overlooked that other common symptoms that indicate that a person suffers from jet lag are difficulty in concentrating, a general feeling of discomfort and even suffering notable changes in mood, without forgetting diarrhea or everything otherwise, constipation.

To minimize jet lag, it is recommended to start adjusting to the destination time zone in advance and arrive at the flight well rested. On the plane, the ideal is to drink plenty of water and avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages.
Likewise, it is also advisable to try to sleep during the flight and to do this, isolate yourself completely using what are earplugs and even a mask.

Once at the destination, among the main tips that are given to end jet lag as soon as possible are to try to spend time outdoors and in daylight, follow the routines that people have there, avoid taking a nap and even in the room maintain a temperature that does not exceed 20º at the time of going to sleep. Specifically, when it is time to go to bed, it is also important to turn off any electronic device so that it does not interfere with sleep.

To all this we must add that it is recommended to have a breakfast that has protein and that dinners are very healthy and light.

In the same way, we must not forget that there is a film that is entitled precisely “Jet Lag”. It is a film of French origin, which was released in 2002 and was made under the direction of Danièle Thompson. Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche are the main actors in this film that revolves around an unexpected meeting on a plane.