What is Jainism?

Meaning of Jainism

It is a religion founded under the non-theistic regime, whose main mission is to make its followers enter a state of apparent " divinity " and inner peace. It is widespread in much of India, in addition to part of the continents Europe, America and Oceania (Australia), with a number of followers estimated at 6 million.

The origin of this has been debated for quite some time; however, Mahavira is the individual who is believed to have founded it. Its followers or believers affirm that this religious doctrine was established in prehistory, although the findings on this have affirmed that it may have seen the light as of the 5th century .

His beliefs are very complex, therefore, he welcomes atheism , but even so he makes a slight reference to some deities that help the reincarnation process. The universe and everything that it entails, is the product of a series of developments dictated by nature and not by an entity or supernatural power that governs every detail of life. They practice fasting and try not to follow the karmic current ( reincarnate ) by exercising corporal punishment on themselves; They try to lead a life based on the equality of living beings, acting responsibly and without violence , in addition to not being attached to material goods.

Being vegetarians , for them, is a way in which they can help to maintain a peaceful coexistence with all living organisms. Well, when eating animals, for example, you are disrespecting their existence and it would be an example of violence towards others. The meditation is one of the tools that can help the untie the bonds of the soul, the same as the scope of the divinity of this.

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