What is ivory?

What Does ivory Mean

In Arabic it is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the term ivory is found. It is exactly derived from the Spanish Arabic "azm alfíl", which can be translated as "elephant bone".

The concept is used in reference to the hard, white matter that makes up the teeth of mammalian animals .
In the root zone , ivory is covered by cement , while in the crown it is protected by enamel . Whitish in color –although it turns yellowish over the years–, it has different bands that correspond to growth lines.
Ivory, also known as dentin , is among the hardest tissues in the body . Most of the dental organ is made up of this substance.

Due to its characteristics, ivory is used to carve artistic or decorative objects . The ivory obtained from the tusks of elephants is the best known, although throughout history ivory from hippopotamus , walrus and other species has also been used .
For decades there has been a fierce struggle to get hold of ivory, which is then used to shape various objects of great value. Hence, thousands of elephants are shot each year for their tusks. And it is calculated that for each one of those you can get to pay a whopping 4,800 euros in what is the black market.
This circumstance has been reflected in the cinema through numerous films. One of these is the one entitled “The Ivory Hunt”, which premiered in 2016 and is directed by Kief Davidson. Specifically, it is a documentary, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, which revolves around the illegal hunting of ivory and the corruption schemes that exist around it.
Before with ivory, buttons for sacks, billiard balls and piano keys were made. Combs, brushes and other objects were also produced. However, due to the large number of animals killed to obtain ivory, over the years restrictions and prohibitions were established to commercialize this material.
It should also be stated that there is the expression "ivory teeth", which is used to indicate that someone has perfect and very white teeth. That expression that is included, for example, in the song “El emigrante” popularized by Juanito Valderrama back in 1949. Exactly the song goes like this: «I have to make a rosary with your ivory teeth, so that I can kiss it when I am away from you".
Ivory Coast , on the other hand, is a country in Africa that has Yamoussoukro as its capital. About 23 million inhabitants live in this nation whose name, coined by the French conquerors, is due to the ivory trade obtained from the African elephants of the region.

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