What is It hurts humanity?

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What Does It hurts humanity Mean

The Latin word laedĕre , which can be translated as “damage” , derived in laesus . This term came to our language as a lesa , an adjective that allows us to refer to that or that which received damage .

The idea of humanity , on the other hand, refers to the human race or human nature , among other meanings. Humanity, therefore, is formed with the totality of human beings.
With these concepts clear, we can focus on the expression against humanity : this is how we describe what hurts or offends all people . A crime against humanity , in this way, is an attack on human dignity that violates the fundamental principles of international law .

The extermination , the enforced disappearance , the slavery and torture are considered crimes against humanity for his inhumanity when these actions damage the mental or physical integrity or cause the removal of a large number of people .
The Rome Statute , whose character is international, indicates the following eleven acts as constituting a crime against humanity:
* murder : a murder carried out with intent;
* extermination : the imposition of certain conditions that prevent the survival of a group of people;
* slavery : treating a person as a material good , as a resource;
* deportation : expelling a person from an area where they are legally found without the authorization of international law;
* imprisonment : depriving a person of his physical freedom, violating norms of law that are considered fundamental;
* torture : subjecting another individual to pain and suffering, both physical and mental. This section includes medical experiments carried out on human beings against their will ;
* rape : any sexual act that forces the victim to do something against her will, leaving physical and mental consequences, or even leading to death;
* persecution : the deprivation of fundamental rights for ideological reasons to a group or a collectivity;
* forced disappearance : kidnapping or arrest of a person and subsequent concealment of the evidence of the crime;
* crime of apartheid : acts of oppression and domination by one race against another;
* other intentional acts : whenever they cause great suffering or threaten the integrity or health of the victim.

The International Criminal Court understands that, for a crime to be considered against humanity, it must be a systematic or generalized attack against civil society : that is, with multiple victims . These acts are an injury to humanity as a whole.
It is important to bear in mind that, due to their gravity, crimes against humanity are imprescriptible . In this way, there is no deadline that marks the end of the persecution , but those responsible can be tried at any time, regardless of the number of years that have passed since the events. On the other hand, the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are not only those who have materially executed them, but also their promoters and those who have made their development possible.
All other types of crimes are subject to prescription , the legal institute that establishes criminal law so that it is possible to extinguish the prosecution of criminals due to the passage of time.
The United Nations has a body called the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (whose acronym is OHCHR ) and specializes in the promotion and protection of human rights at the international level. In 1991, he drew up the first version of the so-called Minnesota Protocol for the investigation of crimes against humanity.
El objetivo principal del Protocolo de Minnesota son las ejecuciones ilegales, muy comunes en casos de este tipo antes de que los funcionarios del Estado tuvieran algún tipo de supervisión para evitar que influyeran o actuaran en las investigaciones criminales. Por recomendación del protocolo, comenzaron a formarse comisiones investigadoras independientes con todas las facultades necesarias para proceder antes de tomar una decisión tan drástica.

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