What is isolation?

What Does isolation Mean

The first thing we have to make clear is that isolation is a term that has its origin in Latin. Specifically, we can affirm that it is the result of the sum of three clearly delimited components:

• The prefix “ad-”, which can be translated as “towards”.

• The noun “insula”, which is synonymous with “island”.

• The suffix “-miento”, which is equivalent to “action and effect”.

Isolation is the action and effect of isolating . This verb refers to leaving something alone and separated from other things; remove a person from communication and dealing with others; abstract immediate reality from the mind or the senses; or prevent the passage or transmission of heat, sound, etc.
For example: "The isolation of the area surrounding the nuclear power plant is essential to preserve the health of the neighbors" , "The detainee is in isolation due to his misconduct" , "To write a novel, you have to achieve insulation from the outside and forget about everyday problems " , " We have to consult a specialist to recommend some type of insulation that prevents the advance of moisture inside the house . "

There are several applications of the concept of isolation. In a physical sense, isolation is about placing someone or something out of contact with other people or factors . A man who is locked alone in a cell that barely has ventilation to breathe, without windows and with an armored door that opens from the outside, finds himself in a condition of maximum isolation: he cannot see another person or speak to anyone.
Electrical insulation is known as the process that consists of covering an element of an electrical installation with some material that is not a conductor of electricity and that, therefore, prevents the passage of current to the outside. Other types of insulation that usually appear in a house are thermal insulation (made with materials that prevent the passage of heat by conduction) and acoustic insulation (to reduce the sound level within a space).
Getting anyone to have a better quality of life in their home, because they enjoy a pleasant temperature and because they are not suffering from different noises from neighbors or that are generated in the street, is what is achieved with these last two types of insulation .
It is true that there are many materials that are used within the construction field to achieve this insulation. However, there is one, which has become particularly successful in recent years, which has the advantage that it can be used for both cases. We are referring to plasterboard.
It is made up of plasterboard, which is usually accompanied by glass wool or rock wool, and allows any house to be perfectly thermally and acoustically insulated without having to invest a large amount of money.

At a social level, isolation is often used to refer to the situation of an individual who does not participate in the social, cultural, political or economic life of his community because he lacks resources, capacities or rights: “We have to end the isolation of the descendants of indigenous people and facilitate their entry into the world of work ” .
This would lead us to talk about what is known as social isolation and it takes place when a person, without wishing to do so, moves away from their environment. This action is carried out completely involuntarily and can be caused by a myriad of causes such as shyness, being a victim of bullying ...

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