What is industrial design?

What Does industrial design Mean

The industrial design is the discipline aimed at creation and development of industrial products (which can be mass produced on a large scale). Like any design activity , creativity and inventiveness are at stake.

Currently, industrial design is a fundamental field in areas such as the automotive industry, toys, the electronics industry or the furniture sector, among others. In the latter case, for example, industrial design is essential when it comes to creating ergonomic, functional and comfortable furniture that allows any user not only to make use of it in a simple way but also to be comfortable.
Design is part of human development. With the application of notions of design, man has been able to evolve and satisfy his needs. The emergence of the industry implied the emergence of a new area of ​​application for design.

The design always supposes to capture the thought through drawings, sketches and diagrams that can be traced in different supports. It is possible to differentiate between the verb design (the process of creation and development) and the noun design (the result of the process of designing).
At present, industrial design is a university degree in most countries, in which specialists in electronic, metallurgical, electrical, plastic and industrial products in general are trained.
Mathematics, Physics, Descriptive Geometry, Design Anthropology, Computerized Drawing, Digital Modeling, Technological Innovation, Composition or Graphic Expression are some of the subjects that are part of university studies in the Design career Industrial.
The industrial designer acquires the necessary knowledge to produce industrial articles according to the needs of the market and society .
With the expansion of new technologies, there has been the appearance of a large number of computer programs, applications and software whose clear objective is to facilitate the tasks of industrial designers. Thus, in a simple, effective way and with very attractive results they have the ability to translate their projects and proposals digitally.
At the moment, however, among the computer programs with more presence in the field of industrial design are Illustrator, In Design, Corel Printer, Photoshop, Corel Draw, AutoCAD, 3D Max, Solidworks or Form Z. These are all applications that not only allow achieving quality proposals but also, for example, objects in two and three dimensions so that you can know more exactly what the final result of the design of any piece or element would be.
It should be noted that the creations of industrial designers are usually protected by copyright and patents, which recognize the person who devised the product and give him the power to exploit it commercially. This prevents a person from appropriating an invention of another subject and trying to take advantage of the work of others.

It is important to bear in mind that the action of designing requires research, analysis, modeling and adaptation tasks until the final production of the object, so the designer's effort must always be recognized.

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