What is indescribable?

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What Does indescribable Mean

In Latin it is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the indescribable term that we are now going to address is found. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of several lexical components of that language:

-The prefix “in-”, which is synonymous with “no” and “without”.

-The word “- ”, which is used to indicate“ from top to bottom ”.

-The verb “scribere”, which can be translated as “write” or “trace”.

-The suffix “-ble”, which is used to indicate “that can”.

The adjective indescribable is used to qualify what cannot be described . The verb describe, in turn, refers to detailing or listing the characteristics of something or someone through language.
Incredible, unspeakable or unspeakable are some of the words that are often used as synonyms for the indescribable term that we are addressing. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across credible, narrable, describable, definable or explainable, for example.

When for some reason the realization of the description is impossible , it is said that the individual, the object or the situation in question is indescribable. Typically, the indescribable has unusual or exaggerated qualities .
For example: “Terrorism caused indescribable pain to our nation” , “When the referee called the game to an end and we were consecrated world champions, I experienced an indescribable sensation” , “I felt indescribable happiness at the birth of my son” .
The indescribable is associated with the lack of words to describe something . Due to the intensity or magnitude of an event, a person may not find the precise terms to express what the event generates. In this framework, the fact becomes indescribable.
It can be said, to cite one case, that the Second World War was an indescribable tragedy . It is, of course, possible to analyze the causes of the conflict and determine responsibilities; On the other hand, there were numerous writers and artists from different countries who expressed their emotions and their sensations in their works. But, due to the enormous number of victims and the atrocities that were committed during the war, the tragedy is truly indescribable: the language is not enough to measure and reflect what happened. There is no way to circumscribe the scope of what World War II represented in human history .
In the same way, we cannot ignore that "Indescribable" is also the title of a song by artist Emily Peña.
Likewise, in the field of cinema, we find several feature films that use the term at hand in their titles. A good example of this is the movie "An indescribable pleasure." It was released in 1992, it is Spanish and is directed by Ignasi P. Ferré.
Ferran Rañé, Ángel Gonyalons, Mathieu Carrière or Pep Ferrer are the actors who lead the cast of this film that tells the story of a man who has a serious kleptomania problem. For this reason, she decides to seek treatment with the help of a psychologist who will complicate it because she will find it very attractive.

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