What is incite?

What Does incite Mean

The Latin word incitāre came to our language as inciting . The term refers to promoting or stimulating an action .

For example: "The opposition should not incite to rebel against the government, but should act within the framework established by democracy" , "We want to incite the neighbors to commit to the defense of the environment" , "They should not be allowed to discourses that incite racial hatred and discrimination ” .
Inciting, therefore, implies promoting something . Suppose that an environmental organization, in front of a company that pollutes the rivers with its production, promotes a boycott . In this way, it encourages the population not to buy its products , warning consumers of the consequences of the company's operation.

It should be noted that it is possible to incite positive actions , which are beneficial for society as a whole, for a group or for someone in particular, but also to incite negative and harmful behaviors . Inciting can even constitute a crime .
Take the case of a newspaper that, through its articles, incites violence . The notes of this communication medium propose to persecute immigrants, whom it accuses of generating various social problems. They also call on the population to do justice by their own hand, attacking criminals outside the law. Faced with this situation, many citizens who do not agree with this position denounce the publication and ask for its closure. The newspaper cannot hide behind freedom of expression to encourage hatred and violation of the rules.

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