What is important?

What Does important Mean

Important is that or that which matters or is important . Importance, in turn, is defined as the quality of important (which is very interesting or convenient, has a lot of entity or stands out for its qualities).

For example: “Gómez has become an important player within the team structure” , “I'm sorry to tell you that we have a major problem with a client” , “Have you thought it through? Is a very important step " , " Using the belt safety is important when driving " .
The important thing, in general, arises from its comparison with other things with similar characteristics . For example, if a person must face an expense equivalent to 70% of their monthly salary, they will surely qualify the decision as important, since assuming it will entail the need to use saved money or, if they did not have that resource, to cut extremely your consumption during the month in question and, probably, of incurring more than one debt.

This shows that what is important is relative and, in many cases, subjective. A rock band that sells 5,000 records can consider this achievement as important (if it is their debut album, for example) or as not very important (if a band that knew how to be very popular sells that number with a new job).
A thing that is considered important may also become less important over time . A few decades ago, a man who decided to grow his hair long knew that he was performing an important act of rebellion, while today this decision no longer has any symbolism and goes unnoticed on a social level, so it can be said that it has lost importance.
Finding and defending those aspects of our life that we consider important is essential to achieve balance and achieve healthy development. Throughout our growth, we discover our tastes, we establish various interpersonal relationships and with other species, and we move towards one or more objectives that we label as essential for our happiness: it can be a career, the purchase of a house, travel, an achievement at the professional level; this, together with the company of those special beings represents everything that is important to us.
As we add items to that list, life becomes more difficult as we add responsibilities. The birth of a friendship is precious, and there is probably nothing as beneficial to our health as feeling loved and contained by another living being; However, when we share our passage through the world with others, our worries grow at the mere possibility that they suffer or something bad happens to them. For that reason it is correct to say that friends are very important to anyone.

On the other hand, there are convictions and principles. Compassionate beings do not enjoy the suffering of others, regardless of the relationship they have with them; When someone reads that a person has been attacked only because of their race, their beliefs or their sexuality, and suffers for it, it shows that they care about justice , that they consider it important that no one is judged for their ethnic origins or their feelings but, in any case, for their acts of violence or invasion towards third parties.
Defending what we consider important against the constant attacks of those who feel threatened by our ideas is probably the greatest challenge in life. Human beings have a great capacity for love and compassion; but also, of hatred, resentment and envy. For every person who achieves happiness , there are dozens trying to take it from him, because they have not known how to find and respect those pillars, those fundamental elements for their lives, the important things.

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