What is hundredth?

What Does hundredth Mean

The Latin word centesĭmus came to our language as a hundredth , an adjective that refers to the position or quantity that follows the ninety-ninth . It is also called a hundredth to each of the parts of the hundred identical in which the division of a unit occurs.

For example: "I would like to have a hundredth of the wealth that this tycoon holds" , "The company's 100th anniversary will be celebrated with a great popular party" , "Could you dedicate even one hundredth of your time to study? If you continue like this, you will never be able to graduate ” .
It is known as a hundredth , cent or penny to a monetary fraction of the currency of certain countries. The value of this fraction is equivalent to one hundredth of what the currency in question is worth : “The government authorized an increase of two hundredths in the price of a liter of gasoline” , “I would not pay even one hundredth to attend a concert of this artist ” , “ My boss wants to settle for a few hundredths, but I'm not willing to work more for so little money ” .

The notion of hundredth is often used in the currencies of countries such as Uruguay (the Uruguayan peso) and Panama (the Panamanian balboa). In Bolivia , Mexico , Argentina and other nations , however, the notion used penny , while in Venezuela , Costa Rica and Peru the term is preferred cents .
There are coins that do not contemplate any of these terms: neither hundredth, nor penny nor cent. The Russian ruble , to cite one case, is divided into kopecks . The pound sterling , for its part, does it in pennies .
In the same way, we cannot ignore either that Ukraine's currency, hryvna, is also divided into 100 kopecks and that of Croatia, the Croatian Kuna, is divided into 100 lipa.
Within the cultural sphere we have to establish that the term in question has been used on more than one occasion to give a title to all kinds of works. This would be the case, for example, of the play "The hundredth monkey", which is a comedy that revolves around both magic and death. It was directed by Osqui Guzmán.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that in the field of literature there are different books with the term we are addressing. An example of this is "The hundredth door" which is written by Alfredo Cernuda.
That book goes on to say that when Baghdad fell into the hands of the United States Army, numerous gangs proceeded to loot and empty the National Museum of Iraq. For this reason, an expert in the Sumerian civilization named Ayman Mansûr is commissioned to flee the city with an important work: the seal of destinies. And it is the way to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

However, that person, who has a clear mission, will intertwine his life with those of two other characters and together they will live a truly frenetic adventure. We are referring to a young rebel named Gabriela and Noah Stein, a lawyer related to the Illuminati.

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