What is Human Resources?

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What Does Human Resources Mean

We explain what human resources are, their history, functions and importance. In addition, the human resources administration.

As Human Resources, staff must take care of themselves like any other asset.

What is Human Resources?

In administration , Human Resources (HR) is called everything concerning the personnel that is part of the work team of an organization , as well as the dynamics necessary for their training, encouragement, hierarchy, etc.

All this must be managed in the correct way, like any other business resource, and for this there is the Human Resources administration.

The term "Human Resources" was first used in John R Commons' Wealth Distribution book , published in 1893. This term began to be used in the early 20th century , as the idea that workers and staff of a company were part of its " capital ", that is, of its economic generation assets.

In the framework of the complex debates regarding labor, salary, motivational and other policies that took place in the 20th century, the understanding of Human Resources was developed as a field of study that deserved efforts and reconsiderations.

In fact, various models of human resource management are based on the demand of the product in segments positions, personnel flow or planning integrated, among other trends.

Today, HR is an indispensable and central element in the dynamics of selection, hiring, motivation , orientation, training and dismissal of personnel, as well as in the design of positions, manuals, salary policies and even business leadership. same.

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Human resources management

Human Resources Administration is the discipline in charge of planning, organizing, developing and coordinating the staff of an organization or company, not only from the point of view of macroscopic management, but also its selection, training and employee incentive mechanisms. .

All human resources administration has as its objective the construction and training of the personnel that make up an organization. It captures the most suitable individuals for job vacancies, and designs the mechanisms for the orientation, motivation, redistribution and instruction of said human team that best suit the organization.

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Functions of the HR department

Among the functions of any Human Resources department are:

  • Provide employment and even legal guidance to company workers , in order to comply with the law and at the same time have an ideal working environment.
  • Describe the responsibilities of each position in the company and design the guidance material that workers require to perform it.
  • Perform personnel selection tasks to replace positions, open new positions or appoint directors.
  • Carry out the training , improvement and professional growth of workers.
  • Guarantee the diversity and convenience in the jobs , facing the existing market and the growth needs of the company.

Importance of Human Resources

Human Resources are a strategic area for all types of organizations, especially in times of high labor competitiveness and in demanding markets.

The only way to have the right equipment is through intelligent management of these resources . This is particularly important in public administration , since State institutions are governed by specific criteria on the matter, as they are resources belonging to all.

On the other hand, a company that does not take care of its human resources will be training qualified workers that other companies can later hire and thus grow. Nothing in an organization is as valuable as its work team.

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