What is horror?

What Does horror Mean

The horror is a feeling caused by creepy, gruesome or terrifying thing . It is an emotion linked to the most intense fear .

For example: "It caused me horror to see my son's car wrecked" , "Horror in Santa María: a man murdered three co-workers and then committed suicide" , "The faces of horror from the public when they noticed that the acrobat was not he moved after the fall, they realized the seriousness of the situation ” .
Although horror is often associated with fear , it is a feeling that goes beyond, unlike terror . Horror is, in essence, an unpleasant impression caused by a frightening element (a situation, an image, a subject).

Sometimes horror is an aversion to something or someone. A person can affirm that spiders generate horror because, when meeting one of them, they feel disgust or rejection and the need to move away immediately.
In the field of art, horror and terror are often used as synonyms. There are books and movies designed to horrify or terrorize people through macabre stories and gruesome scenes (with murder, torture, etc.). However, some specialists distinguish between the horror genre (which causes physical sensations) and the horror genre (more linked to the psychological).
Depending on the context, some people frame horror films in the group of "scary" while horror films associate them with other labels that refer to the degree of explicit violence that characterizes them. It is worth mentioning that the same individual can be passionate about the horror genre and feel a deep rejection of the horror genre, especially if he cannot bear the most violent and bloody scenes.
But not everyone agrees on the characteristics that distinguish terror from horror. In addition to what has been expressed so far, there are those who define them as follows:
* Terror is achieved through a series of events that can be explained by reason . In other words, they must be caused by living beings belonging to reality, such as humans or animals;
* Horror, on the other hand, is related to the paranormal terrain, that is, the stories of goblins, ghosts, witches, monsters and other beings whose existence has never been proven.
The cosmic horror is a genre that created the writer HP Lovecraft . His work departs from traditional horror, in which monsters were ghosts or demons, and presents them as material beings of rational origin.
"Hostel" is an example of a horror film . Released in 2005 , this proposal directed by Eli Roth presents mutilations in the foreground and exhibits an enormous amount of blood that impacts the viewer.

In colloquial language, on the other hand, the idea of horror is used in the plural ( horrors ) to qualify something abundant or numerous : "I suffered horrors while waiting for the test result" , "We had horrors at grandmother's house" .
It is also possible to speak of horror to describe situations that cause us deep displeasure with a mixture of sadness, especially when they tell us the unfortunate story of another person. For example, when hearing the unfortunate events of a child who grew up on the street, such as sexual and psychological abuse, lack of affection and exploitation, it is common to use expressions such as "what a horror!" .
In everyday speech this same expression can be used with much less weight, in the context of small talk. If someone tells another person that they had to wait two hours before being attended to at a municipal office to do a paperwork, the answer "how horrible!" It does not represent the same feelings and sensations of the previous paragraph, but rather empathy in the face of a cumbersome, boring or exhausting situation.

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