What is hopscotch?

What Does hopscotch Mean

Hopscotch is the name given to different children's games . The most common consists of throwing a stone within a scheme drawn on the ground and then, while jumping supporting the body on one leg, picking it up without stepping on the lines that separate the different parts of the scheme and respecting a series of stipulated rules.

To play hopscotch it is first necessary to draw the scheme on the ground; Depending on each culture, this drawing may vary, but the most popular one is made up of eight boxes distributed vertically, each with a number written inside. These boxes are distributed as follows: three squares drawn in a vertical row that represent the numbers 1 , 2 and 3 ; in the next space, two boxes each located in the middle of the number 3 and corresponding to the numbers 4 and 5. Above them a new square aligned to the first three (number 6) and then another two aligned with 4 and 5.

Once you have the drawing, the game begins. On each turn, a player must throw a stone on square 1 , trying not to touch the border lines . Once this is done, you will have to go through the whole hopscotch jumping on one leg and without stepping on the lines. That is, you can only step inside each square with one leg. When you reach square 8 , you will have to turn your whole body taking care of the same rules and return in the same way to the beginning. When you get to square 2, you must pick up the stone that was in square 1 and jump out of the hopscotch. If the player touches any of the stripeshe will have lost his turn and must give it to the next person (when he comes back to touch him, he will have to continue from the box he left); If you manage to complete the entire journey without problems, you can continue playing. Each player has to throw the stone at all the squares and the first player who manages to travel the entire hopscotch wins.
Main characteristic of «Hopscotch», by Cortázar
"Hopscotch" , on the other hand, is the name of a famous book by the author Julio Cortázar . Published in 1963 , this novel is an introspective monologue that tells the story of a man named Horacio Oliveira in a curious way: through an authentic style, Cortázar manages to conquer the reader and lead them to believe that he is the protagonist.
It is important to mention that raising the plot of "Hopscotch" is an unintelligent attitude that distances us considerably from the meaning of the work . Since, the true objective of Cortázar, his search, was to impose an emotional universe of characters who could talk about the different types of readers and allow them to introspect their own lives. However, we could say that it is a novel that talks about love , death, creation and loneliness , fundamentally.

This book has a peculiarity that makes it unique and that has made it one of the iconic books of Latin American literature . This characteristic is that it can be read in different ways, alternating the order of the chapters if the reader so wishes and that is why Cortázar wanted to give it that name. However, you can also do a normal reading: reading each chapter in the order of appearance. And in each type of reading that the reader chooses, he will be able to have a different story in his hands.
For this reason, rather than referring to it, it should be labeled, as Julio did, as an antinovela since instead of telling a story and just trying to reach the subjectivity of the reader and lead him to write his own version of this work.
"Hopscotch" is undoubtedly one of the great genius not only of Latin American literature but also of universal letters.

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