What is hook?

What Does hook Mean

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) recognizes more than twenty meanings of the term hook . The first meaning mentioned refers to an instrument whose structure is curved and which usually ends in a point at one or both ends.

The hook is a utensil that allows you to hang, grasp or hold something . The action of lighting an element with a hook is called hooking .
For example: "He tried to hold the curtain with a hook, but it was impossible" , "The cattle hanging on hooks impressed the child" , "The victim was gutted with a metal hook found at the crime scene . "

The hooks can be used to hang cold cuts, meats or other foods. In this way, its parking or storage is facilitated.
To catch fish, a fishing hook known as a hook is used . The fisherman throws the hook - attached to a rod and with a bait stuck in it - into the water: when the fish tries to eat the bait, it is hooked and the person can remove it from the aquatic environment.
A clothes hanger , also called a hanger , is an object used to hang clothes without wrinkling. The hangers mimic the shape of the shoulders of humans to arrange shirts, jackets (jackets) and other garments, while also have a bar to hang pants and skirts, among other products that cannot be supported in another way, such as be the towels.
The hook idea , on the other hand, can be used to colloquially name what attracts, seduces or captivates : "The participation of the Spanish gallant is the main hook of the film that has just been released" , "Bars and discos are the hook of this seaside resort to conquer young people ” , “ The album has several songs with a hook ” .
If we look up the term hook in a thesaurus, we find many results, although not all of them can be used interchangeably in any context. Let's look at some of the main synonyms below: squiggle, gaff, harpoon, pick, tab, claw and iron . Here we see some more commonly used than others: in everyday speech it is more normal to replace hook with hook than with squiggle , for example.
It is worth mentioning that in the universe of the character Peter Pan , created by Scottish author James Matthew Barrie , there is a character named James Hook . He is the villain of the stories, whose hand is cut off by Peter Pan in a duel that faces them forever. Instead of his hand, the pirate begins to use a hook that also serves to complement his sword attacks. Hook pursues Pan relentlessly with the aim of taking his life in order to get revenge.

Returning to the synonyms of the word hook , let's see some that refer to the other meaning mentioned above: attractiveness, charm, ability, that, spell, seduction and grace .
In the field of sports , the punch that a boxer applies with his arm tucked up and the throw that a basketball (basketball) player makes by raising the arched arm above his head is called a hook .
The arts martial finally recognize the so - called hook kick , which has several versions. One of them consists of turning 330 degrees and raising the leg with which you want to attack while your back is to the target. The speed of the kick is enhanced by the centrifugal force of the rotation of the entire body. This kick can be combined with a jump to reach higher areas, although this adds a lot of difficulty to the movement. The leg used is the one opposite to the direction of the turn.

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