What is homosexuality?

What Does homosexuality Mean

The homosexuality is the practice of erotic relationships with people of the same sex. The concept is also used to name the inclination towards this type of relationship . For example: “The singer confessed his homosexuality and said that he plans to go on tour with his partner” , “In some countries, homosexuality is still considered a crime” , “I believe that homosexuality should not be an impediment to marry ” .
Homosexuality comes from the Greek homo ( "equal" ) and the Latin sexus ( "sex" ). The notion can refer to sexual interaction between men or between women , but also to sentimental or sexual attraction of this type without the interaction taking place.
The term gay is used to refer to homosexual people. In the case of women, one can also speak of lesbians . On the other hand, when a person feels sexual attraction to men and women, they can be classified as bisexual .
Homosexuality is a condition that often generates discrimination . Until a few decades ago, it was considered a disease that, therefore, could be cured. Today, homosexuality is understood to be a natural choice or condition.
The situation of homosexuals, however, varies according to the country. While in some countries can get married and adopt children , others are persecuted for their sexual orientation and even sent to prison or sentenced to death .
The persecution suffered by homosexuals, however, begins from early childhood, in the family and at school, and then continues at university, at work and in a large percentage of areas of daily life. This does not mean that there are no open-minded parents capable of accepting homosexuality as normal, nor that all educational centers and companies are hostile places for those who are attracted to people of the same gender; but we are still a long way from total acceptance.
How many TV series and movies have gay main characters or at least show homosexuality as normal? It is true that at present, homosexuality has more and more space in fiction but, with rare exceptions, it does not appear as one more feature of its characters, but as a luminous poster that the producers seem to want to show to the four winds to receive recognition as advanced people and free of prejudices .
The discovery of one's own homosexuality is different in each person, and can occur at various stages of life, according to the relationship that each one has with their sexuality and with their sentimental plane. Some heterosexual people claim to have experienced certain homosexual practices during their adolescence, after which they realized that they felt more identified with their current sexuality; This process of discovery is natural and we all go through it, to a greater or lesser extent.
For most homosexuals, the hardest moment is coming out of the closet , which means confessing their homosexuality to their environment for the first time. Depending on the case, the first confidant may be a very close friend , a parent, or the impossible first love . While it can be considered an action, it is an extremely difficult step for many, so much so that some people never dare to take it.
Coming out of the closet can lead to terrible reprisals from those we believed to be closest to: there are parents who evict their children from their homes and deny them any kind of support, both sentimental and financial; there are friends who decide to move away for fear that their environment believes that they are also homosexual. However, it is the best decision, because it represents the only path to self-acceptance and true happiness .
Ricky Martin , Pedro Almodóvar , Ellen DeGeneres , Jodie Foster , Rupert Everett , Ian McKellen and Rosie O'Donnell are some of the current celebrities who have publicly recognized their homosexuality.

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