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What Does homo Mean

Homo is a compositional element that comes from the Greek language and has the idea of "equal" as its meaning . This means that this element allows the generation of compound words from their meaning . For example: homosexuality ( homo - sexuality ) is a notion that refers to sexual desire or activity between people of the same sex (man / man, woman / woman).

The homonyms , meanwhile, refers to the link of similarity in the way of a decision or written two words differently or different grammatical value meaning: "I have to go to the bank to withdraw money" , "This morning we dive and saw a beautiful bench of fish ” , “ I'm going to sit on a bench to rest a bit ” .

Another term that makes use of this prefix is homogeneous , and denotes that something is part of a group or gender, whose exponents share the same characteristics. It also refers to uniformity, for example, in the composition of a chemical substance or in the result of having mixed different compounds. On a less specific level, a homogeneous set of people can mean that these individuals have similar skills or knowledge, or that they respond to a series of specific requirements such as age, gender or tastes, if it were a statistic or a sociological study that seek to study a particular portion of the population.
Homology, on the other hand, refers to the equivalence of, for example, two concepts or powers. As explained in the definition of homologous , it can be used to refer to two government posts from different countries that are peers to each other, although there are certain variations due to the laws of each place. At the level of knowledge, homologate two university degrees consists of establishing the percentage of coincidences between the educational programs of two different centers, to enable a person to practice their profession or continue studying abroad; In some cases, in order to achieve full compatibility, the completion of some complementary work or examination is required.
In the field of language, two homophone words sound the same but have different spellings . Some examples are "sling" and "wave", "art" and "harte", "baso" and "glass". Likewise, there is a phenomenon called homography , which may or may not go hand in hand with homophony; in this case, they are words that are spelled exactly the same, such as "I said" from the verb to say, and "I said" as a hanging jewel.
Written Capitalized ( Homo ), is the genus which includes the hominids primates belonging to the tribe homininis . The human being and his closest ancestors belong to the genus Homo .

The genus Homo is believed to have arisen almost two and a half million years ago. The Homo rudolfensis and Homo habilis would have been the first exponents of this genre. It should be noted that, with the exception of Homo sapiens (modern humans), all Homo species have become extinct.
Experts argue that Homo neanderthalensis (extinct about 30,000 years ago) and Homo floresiensis (which survived until about 12,000 years ago) are the most recent survivors of the genus (beyond the aforementioned Homo sapiens , which still survives).
Among the characteristics of Homo , we can mention their condition of bipedal, the absolute verticalization of their skull and the so-called hypercephalization.
Far from Darwinian theory and the search for the origin of the human species, "homo" can be used as a derogatory synonym for the word homosexual . Like so many other ways that societies have found to insult homosexuals, it is about using the concept itself with a negative connotation, generating a point of discussion with no way out, since the taste for the same gender is attacked in its entirety and not a particular trait.

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