What is hobby?

What Does hobby Mean

It is known as a hobby to the activity that a person carries out to keep himself entertained for a while. In this way, the pastime serves to combat boredom and to keep the mind focused on something pleasant.

For example: "Playing tennis is my favorite hobby" , "When I was little, I started collecting stamps as a hobby and even today I keep that hobby" , "There is no more enriching hobby than reading a good book" .
There are hobbies that are ephemeral or that develop sporadically, without much constancy. Putting together a puzzle , completing a crossword , playing on a console or doing crosswords can be very effective hobbies.

In newspapers and magazines, for example, there is usually a hobby section that aims to ensure that the reader can entertain himself while exercising his mind. Specifically, among those proposals that are included are alternatives such as word searches, crosswords, find the differences or cross calls. However, do not forget that even in stores you can find specific publications of these types of hobbies.
Among the hobbies of this kind that in recent years have experienced great growth and that have aroused the interest of citizens is sudoku. This is a mathematical type game that was created in the 70s and that began to become popular in Japan in the 80s. The objective that the person who plays it must fulfill is to fill in each of the boxes that are part of the nine grids. It must be done with a number, which cannot be repeated within that grid or on the lines in which it is integrated both horizontally and vertically.
If a person engages in a hobby frequently and makes it a habit, the individual in question will be said to have a hobby . Suppose that a young man collects beer cans and bottles : every week, he meets with other collectors to exchange material and also, when he has the possibility, attends collectors' conferences and events. In this case, the hobby can be considered a hobby.
Something similar happens with someone who plays golf three times a week. The practice of this sport can be considered as a hobby since it provides an entertaining time to the player, but it is also a hobby since the subject organizes his daily life to make space for the activity.
Hobbies are healthy as they help minimize stress . The leisure they provide allows the person to "clear" their mind and not only focus on obligations.
We cannot ignore either that “Pasatiempo” is the title of one of the best-known poems by the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti.

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