What is historiology?

What Does historiology Mean

It is called historiología to the theory of history , understanding the history as a scientific discipline dedicated to the analysis and chronological narrative of events that occurred in the past . What historiology does is examine the rules and structure of historical reality.

Appealing to various techniques to collect and study historical records, historiology seeks to explain the reasons behind the events that are part of the field of history. To fulfill its objective, it investigates the logic that led to the events actually happening.
Historiology, therefore, resorts to a particular method to detect general causes and patterns in historical processes . Experts in this area, known as historiologists , develop work related to epistemology and philosophy .

Historiology is, in fact, often defined as the epistemology of history . It was the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset who coined the term, highlighting that the analysis of past events is essential for human beings to understand their identity as a historical subject.
It is important to be clear about the differences between history , historiology, and historiography . The story focuses on the study of events in the past; historiology, on the other hand, is oriented to the analysis of the causes that led to these events taking place. Finally, historiography proposes how to describe the events.
As can be seen, history, historiology and historiography are intertwined and all are necessary for the understanding and narration of the past . Only with a thorough knowledge of the past can one understand the present and even glimpse the possible future.

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