What is hembrism?

What Does hembrism Mean

The notion of hembrism is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). This helps its definition to be imprecise, since it has different connotations according to the context and the intention of the speaker.

It is important, first of all, not to confuse feminism with feminism . The movement and doctrine that defend the equal rights of women and men is called feminism. Feminism, therefore, does not seek a prevalence of women over men. That goal is often referred to as feminism.

It can be said, therefore, that hembrismo is equivalent to machismo although in the opposite sense : it encourages the preponderance of women , while machismo privileges men. Neither feminism nor machismo are committed to gender equality.
Thus understood, feminism implies negative discrimination to the detriment of man . The idea is also often linked to misandry , which is contempt for men. Feminism tries to attack men through comments and actions.
It is important to bear in mind that machismo is part of a social system imposed since ancient times that is reproduced in multiple areas. Hembrism, on the other hand, is nothing more than an individual or minority position without real interference in society . That is why the analogy between hembrism and machismo can be useful to understand the concepts, but without forgetting the privileged position that man has enjoyed throughout history and still retains, beyond the advances of the last years.
In fact, there are those who maintain that the term feminism was coined by sexists to discredit feminism and thus protect the benefits of the unequal system that has subordinate women.
As some people attached to the search for gender equality have pointed out on more than one occasion, to speak of feminism as a phenomenon equivalent to machismo but "the other way around" is absurd, since for it to exist as such we would have to go back in time several times. centuries, probably millennia, until finding the first trace of machismo and then reversing it, that is, subduing the man instead of the woman.
On the other hand, who would want to identify with an ideology or with a movement that is based on contempt? Is there really someone who proudly says "I'm a macho"? Well, probably there are not those who proclaim themselves female with great honor. And this reinforces the idea that these concepts are not movement labels but a reality, at least in the case of machismo, which is already part of our DNA and that we should eradicate once and for all.

No living being is inferior to another. There are clashes between carnivorous animals and their prey or their rivals, and in these cases whoever makes a greater display of skill, strength and cunning wins. But he wins with his own claws, with his own teeth, and many times he does not emerge unscathed from battle, thereby shortening his life by taking some food to his stomach. Human beings never understand this balance , and that is why we feel disgusted to see blood but we buy pieces of corpses on trays to later serve them in our homes.
The contempt we feel for animals is accepted with total normality: they belong to us, we can trade with them, herd them, torture them and murder them as we wish, all in pursuit of a diet that does not correspond to us. Speciesism does not differ from machismo, since in both cases there is a false idea of ​​superiority; if hembrism were a real phenomenon , therefore, it would probably have also led to the subjugation of the other species.

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