What is help desk?

What Does help desk Mean

The first meaning of the term table mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) refers to a piece of furniture composed of a horizontal table and legs that support it. The concept, however, can also be used to refer to a set of individuals brought together for a certain purpose.

Help , on the other hand, is a collaboration or assistance. It is an aid that is provided so that someone can solve a problem or fulfill a goal.
The help desk idea makes mention of the service that, by appealing to human and technological resources, allows solving problems and incidents and carrying out different procedures and procedures . This benefit is provided by numerous state agencies, organizations and companies .

Also called service desk , focus on the customer , focus on the user or, in English, help desk , help desk aims to provide answers to requests or queries relating to its scope. The care can be provided in person in an office or through the Internet or telephone.
In IT and technology , the help desk provides technical support . The user, when encountering a difficulty in making use of a system or product, can contact the help desk for a specialist to provide cooperation.
It is common for the help desk, once the request has been processed, to provide a number so that the user can track the operation they performed. Thus, if you communicate again on the same subject, you have to mention the number in question.
This number is usually called the incident number , and it is very useful to avoid detailing the entire problem every time the user contacts the help desk. In the best of cases, the first person who attends you will record the case in the database and between that moment and the next communication the team of technicians will have tried to provide a solution. In practice, many times we are forced to repeat history several times until we are taken seriously.
The help desk should be a service for the user to find solutions to those problems that require a higher level of knowledge than their own or tools that they do not have. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for absurd and useless answers to arise from a query, treating the user as an irresponsible person or without any type of technical preparation, causing deep indignation in him and generating a waste of time and energy.

For example: if a user communicates through a specialized forum with the developers of a computer to indicate that he cannot use an external monitor with the resolution that the company promises despite having followed all the indications properly, and receives in response Questions like "should you buy the right cable" or "have you made sure you've updated your operating system?" is likely to get frustrated and turn to the community .
One of the great evils of the help desk is the hiring of people with an insufficient degree of preparation , with the aim of reducing the budget of salaries. In many cases, finding a trained employee to receive a satisfactory response can take several telephone calls or contacts over the Internet, depending on the case. Apparently, the reasoning of many companies is based on the idea that most customers do not have technical knowledge or that their problems are generally basic, and therefore a generic answer is sufficient.

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