What is heater?

What Does heater Mean

The term heater comes from the Latin word calefactus , which derives from calefacĕre (translatable as “to heat” ). When it appears as an adjective , heater refers to that which heats : that is, it transfers heat to a body causing an increase in its temperature.

As a noun, heater refers to the device used to heat the air . A heater, therefore, is a heating device .
What heaters (also called stoves in some regions) do is generate a flow of hot air from a heat source . There are multiple types of heaters according to how they produce heat: they can work with wood , gasoline , coal , gas or electricity , to name a few possibilities.

Take the case of electric heaters . These devices use electrical energy to produce heat energy , being able to use the Joule effect or the Peltier effect .
The gas heater , meanwhile, have a main valve and other valves connected to each of the burners. Thus, the amount of gas that is sent to the burner can be regulated by means of a knob: the greater the amount of gas, the greater the flame and the more heat released. What the knob allows is to control the level of gas that reaches the burners, thereby controlling the flame and the heat that is released.
A wood heater , meanwhile, works from the incineration of wood . The combustion process causes the wood to reach very high temperatures, releasing heat. The smoke that is generated, in turn, is discarded so that it does not remain in the environment.

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