What is header?

What Does header Mean

The notion of heading has different meanings. In several Latin American countries, the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) indicates in its dictionary, this is how the headline or title of a newspaper is called .

For example: “The scandalous headlines always sell, even if they tell lies” , “I would like the editor of the magazine to explain to me why he dedicated that headline to me” , “I can't believe that some media publish headlines with misspellings” .
Letterhead or design that sits at the top of a document is also called a heading . A file created with a word processor and the different pages that are part of a website can have a header.

In the specific case of web page design, the heading concept can be understood as a specific format for certain parts of the text, which clearly distinguish them from the rest and articulate the document in an organic and fluid way. To create a header it is necessary to use one of the labels that the language offers us , which go from H1 to H6 , from highest to lowest importance, respectively.
Most often, HTML documents use the H1 tag for the site name . The way to use this tag is very simple: just enclose the text that we want to alter between


; In an example, it would be "

yourIdeas: Tips to bring your ideas to reality

It is very important to respect the limit of one H1 tag per HTML document , since otherwise we may receive penalties from search engines. Many people ignore this rule and put up a lot of H1 headings to highlight parts of their content, but then they suffer the consequences.
With respect to the rest of the header tags, we can use them more than once within the same HTML document, but with the condition that we have put one of the higher hierarchical order at least once; for example, to use H2 you need to have an H1 header before it. H2 is often used for different menu entries, or to provide more information about the site.
The headings H3 and H4, on the other hand, are usually reserved for different types of titles, such as those of sections or news entries, as well as to highlight parts of the text that is enclosed between labels of type p (used to divide a document in paragraphs). It is very important not to forget to place the closing tags; a very common trick is to write both labels first, and the text later.

The communications issued by a state agency, to cite a case, may have as a heading the name of the agency, its address, its telephone number and its email address. In this way, the receiver, at first glance, has enough personal data to contact the sender by one or more communication channels. Due to these characteristics, headings are a good tool to facilitate communication .
Headline, on the other hand, can derive from the verb head (lead, preside, lead): "The meeting headed by the president had the participation of eight ministers of the national government and fourteen provincial governors" , "The Swiss commission, headed by the Chancellor, arrived in our country with the aim of promoting commercial exchanges between both nations " , " The team headed by Jorge Girztig will participate in the next edition of the Copa de las Américas .
When it is said that a person heads a meeting or a group of individuals, it is referring to their leadership or their hierarchical superiority. The leader is the coordinator of the actions or the one who makes the decisions.

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