What is Headboard?

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What Does Headboard Mean

The header concept is used in various ways. Either in its feminine (headboard) or masculine (headboard) form, it can refer to the piece of furniture that is located in the area of ​​the bed where the pillows are placed .

This headboard can have an aesthetic purpose or be used to protect the wall from stains that are produced by rubbing. For example: “I would like to have a large double bed with a headboard” , “I bought a wooden headboard to hide the dirty paint on the wall” , “When I tried to turn on the light, I hit my hand on the headboard” .
Rectangular tables also have headboards, which are the two smallest ends. If we pay attention to protocol issues, the most important people in the group should sit on these two points, those who are in the highest positions of the hierarchy . Within a traditional family, for example, it is the mother and father who should occupy these seats, while in a company they are assigned to managers and directors.

In the field of architecture , the part of a religious building that is opposite to the imafronte (the facade) is called the head . In general, the head is oriented to the east and usually houses the altar. The style of the headboard, however, varies according to the era.
The headline idea also appears in the field of telecommunications and computing . In a cable television system, the headend is the facility that receives the signals to process them and then distribute them via cable.
The header , on the other hand, is the complementary information that is located at the beginning of a data block and that indicates how the data in question should be treated.
There is also the term header file (with its variations, such as header or inclusion file , all derived from the English concept header file ), which refers to a file that the compiler must automatically include when it processes another, according to the indications of developers. The programming languages ​​in which this practice is used are C and C ++, among others.
Generally, a header file consists of a direct declaration of certain identifiers, such as variables, classes, and subroutines. When a programmer needs to declare a standard identifier in multiple code files, he can put them in a single header file and then include it when necessary. The declaration of standard functions in C and C ++ libraries is usually done in header files.

One of the advantages of the use of header files is that it contributes to the division of programs into small parts that can be organized and reused with great comfort, instead of using a single file of considerable extension. Currently, this practice is the most common, so it is not a tactic that only the most skilled use, but a fundamental aspect of programming in certain languages.
Of course, like everything else, header files have their drawbacks. For example, they force the developer to make changes in two different places each time they want to modify a definition (something that happens when they add or remove parameters , among other cases). Certain languages, such as Java, replace header files with naming schemes , although one of the negative consequences is an increase in required space and execution time.
In the administrative or political organization of a territory, finally, a town that acts as the capital of a region, housing government institutions , is called the head . The main urban center of an area is also called head.

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