What is head?

What Does head Mean

From the Latin capitia , head is the upper part of the body of the human being and superior or anterior of many animals. In it are located several of the most important organs of the senses and the nervous centers.

For example: “The police found the woman's torso inside the house and found her head about a hundred meters away” , “The footballer was hospitalized after suffering a severe blow to the head” , “If you don't want to be cold I recommend covering your head with a hat ” .
The head contains the brain , the mouth, and various sensory organs related to vision, smell, hearing, and taste. In vertebrates and arthropods, the head is clearly differentiated from the rest of the body, which implies a high degree of cephalization .

In the case of man , the anteroinferior region of the head is called the face . There are the eyes, the nose and the mouth. The region above the face is the forehead , while the lower end is called the chin .
Since it houses the brain, the notion of head is also used as a synonym for ability, judgment or talent : “We have to hire a man with a good head to run this company” , “I will not tolerate another mistake: use your head before continuing to work on the project ” , “ Roberto lost his head and insulted the boss ” .
The beginning or end of a thing ( "A car hit the head of the bridge" ), the extreme part opposite a point ( "You have to hammer the head of the nail to hold the shelf" ) and the origin of something that flows or runs ( "At the head of the demonstration was Jorge Ratzunbert" ) are other uses of the term head.
The pain headache is a phenomenon experienced by most people, once in a while, and reasons can be many and varied, such as not getting enough sleep, subjected to stress or labor issues student or stay too time in the sun. However, some people suffer from it frequently and for periods longer than a few hours.
It is worth mentioning that the discomforts experienced in this case are not located in the brain, since it does not have the ability to feel pain ; on the contrary, the affected parts are usually the nerves , the muscles that cover the skull and the neck area, and the blood vessels. For example, it can happen that the muscles or vessels become inflamed and tense, so that they exert a certain pressure on the surrounding nerves.

The most normal cause of headache is precisely the tension caused by the contraction of certain muscles; This often gives the feeling of something inside the skull pressing on the forehead or neck. On the other hand, the typical congestion of a cold or flu can also cause a headache.
Let's see below the rest of the most common causes of this discomfort:
* lack of hydration;

* staring at a screen for too many hours without a break ;

* listen to music at a very high volume;

* take long trips that include drastic changes in altitude;

* use tobacco;

* abuse caffeine;

* not eating all the recommended meals a day;

* Infections sinus (airsacs in some bones of the head that connect to the nostrils);

* ear, throat or even urinary tract infections;

*Lyme disease (an infection contracted from the bite of a tick carrying the Borrelia burgdoferi bacteria ).

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