What is hatching?

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What Does hatching Mean

In order to know the etymological origin of the term hatching we have to go to French, since it derives from “éclosion”, which can be translated as “the action of hatching”. A word that, in turn, comes from Latin, specifically from the verb “excludere”, which is synonymous with “leaving the closed”.

It is the act of hatching : a verb that, in the field of biology , is used to name the opening of a cocoon or the breaking of the shell of an egg or a chrysalis . Hatching also refers to the explosion of a social or cultural phenomenon or movement.
For example: "Several years ago there was an emergence of meditation courses and workshops since people have been searching for a long time how to live better" , "The great performance of the selected in the World Cup marked the emergence of this sport in all the country " , " With my mother we take care of the nest until the moment the eggs hatch . "

In the case of many animals , hatching is the moment in which the young are able to emerge from their cocoon or egg. Hatching, in this framework, is equivalent to birth .
The moment of hatching occurs when the specimen reaches the level of development necessary to emerge from the cocoon or egg. It is, therefore, the end of pregnancy .
This term is also used in the field of human medicine. Specifically, we speak of hatching to refer to the moment in which the blastocyst leaves what is the so-called zona pellucida of the ovule to be able to "nest" in what is the endometrium and thus give shape to the embryo and, therefore, to a pregnancy.
In relation to this aspect we can establish that there is also what is known as assisted hatching. It is also known as Assisted Haching and consists of undertaking a series of actions to help the person get out of the zona pellucida. Specifically, what is carried out is the creation of a small hole that allows it to come out and implant itself in what is the endometrium.
This type of assisted hatching is usually performed in very specific cases. Thus, for example, it is carried out when it comes to women who are between 35 and 40 years old, when it comes to embryos that have been vitrified, when there are failures in what is implantation and also when the area have thickening problems.
Finally, hatching is the abrupt emergence or sudden growth of something. That which is emerging, suddenly becomes notorious or massive: "The political crisis erupted when several government officials resigned simultaneously" , "The inauguration of the natural science museum produced a tourist explosion in the city" , " This type of popular novel usually produces an explosion in the sales of all the bookstores ” .

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