What is harvest?

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What Does harvest Mean

Collection comes from the Latin recollectum and refers to the action and effect of collecting (gathering scattered things). For example: "Nico, proceed to collect the toys before your father comes back" , "In fifteen minutes I start the collection of the exams , so they finish" , "The waste collection is done between 22 and 5 hours ” .

The term can also be used as a synonym for harvest , since it consists of the collection of fruits , seeds or vegetables at the time they have reached maturity. In this sense, the harvest is the end of the cycle of a fruit: "The boss says that tomorrow we will start with the harvest of strawberries" , "My cousin traveled to New Zealand to work in the harvest of kiwis" .

Although harvesting fruits is considered hard work and is generally associated with distant images of slavery, today it represents an easy job opportunity to obtain for people who enjoy traveling around the world and do not have the economic means to settle comfortably in a city; In some countries, this type of job pays enough to sustain itself with minimal expenses and is a good option to avoid creating difficult ties to break with a company.
A collection can also be a compilation, digest, or summary . The process of obtaining information that will later be used in an investigation is known as data collection : "The boss left me in charge of collecting data through surveys" , "The heavy rains are complicating data collection, for what is probable that the project will take a few days ” .
The notion of urban collection is used to name the task carried out by people who search for useful goods in garbage containers. This expression is more linked to those who decide to rummage through the garbage out of curiosity or rebellion (since the practice is illegal in many countries), than to those who do it out of necessity (such as a cardboard worker or a homeless man).
Due to various factors, among which the strong economic recession that has taken place worldwide cannot be discounted , more and more people lose their homes and many are forced to search waste containers in search of food and items to sell, such as be cardboard. The image of someone collecting fruit and food scraps from the garbage is very shocking for those who have not suffered such a nightmare in their life, and that should promote a movement for change.

It is very easy to judge, but the real challenge consists in putting ourselves in the shoes of these people who have lost everything, and trying to understand why they have reached this situation; At present it is public knowledge that the origin or degree of academic training does not matter , since many times the person who reaches the highest level falls into the deepest well. We are used to seeing college degrees hanging in the homes of taxi drivers and street sweepers, and this does not necessarily represent a lack of talent.
The poor distribution of opportunities and the unnecessary cultural backwardness that promotes the lack of information about new professions and jobs are largely responsible for the bad decisions of many who, given the excessive demand for the profile they have chosen, fail to take advantage of that for what they have studied for so many years. In many cases, the unexpected loss of a good position in a company, on the other hand, turns into a misfortune by making it difficult to pay certain debts that cannot be postponed, such as those that arise from real estate mortgages.

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