What is harpoon?

What Does harpoon Mean

A harpoon is an element made up of a wooden stick and an iron point at one end. Of prehistoric origin, harpoons are used for fishing or hunting .

Usually, the person takes the harpoon by the shaft and throws it towards the prey with force, so that the tip penetrates it. In this way the harpoon wounds or kills the animal in question.
Beyond the manual launch , there are other systems that allow to propel the harpoon. At present it is possible to resort to hydraulic or compressed air mechanisms so that the harpoon is fired at high speed.

The first harpoons were made by prehistoric humans from bones . With these harpoons he could catch fish and thus obtain a source of food. It is interesting to note that spearfishing can take place from shore, from a boat, or even underwater.
The characteristics of the harpoons were changing with the passage of time . In the 19th century , the Norwegian Svend Foyn devised a warhead harpoon for whaling. When the harpoon struck the whale, the head of the device exploded, causing a fatal wound to the specimen hit.
The Inuit , on the other hand, obtain food, fuel and clothing by harpooning marine mammals, especially seals. With a string attached to the harpoon, they can injure the animal and prevent it from submerging. After luring it to himself, the hunter finishes it off with a knife .

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