What is harmony?

What Does harmony Mean

Harmony comes from the Latin harmonĭa , although its more remote origins refer to a Greek word that means “combination” or “adjustment” . The term can be used to name the combination of simultaneous sounds that, although different, are chords. The concept is also used in reference to well-arranged variety of sounds, measurements, and pauses . For example: “What I like about this orchestra is the harmony it achieves in its compositions” , “I am studying harmony in the conservatory” , “This style of music is not characterized by its harmony” .

Specifically, within the musical field, we could say that harmony is the term used to refer to the relationship established between the different chords, more specifically to their organization, and that it is what allows, together with others elements, that a composition is not only pleasant to the ear but of high quality.

Scales, tonality, movements, links, tension or rest are some of the elements that must be taken into account when establishing the harmony of a song or when analyzing it.
The concept has extra-musical meanings, in relation to the balance of proportions between the different parts of a whole . The harmonic is always considered as beautiful or pleasant .
The proportion and correspondence of one thing with another , therefore, is harmony: “If you paint the walls in these colors, you will lose the harmony of the style” , “I need to change the chairs to achieve harmony in the living room” .
Harmony is also friendship and good correspondence. When two people are in harmony, they do not have problems between them, but they maintain a peaceful relationship that does not generate inconveniences: "We have talked about our differences and we are in harmony again" , "To preserve harmony in a couple, the important thing is maintain respect ” .
It is common to talk about family harmony. In this case, it is established that in order to achieve it, it is necessary to bet on ensuring that each member has their space, that there is organization and order, that tolerance and respect are chosen ...
In colloquial language, the term is used as a synonym for inner peace or calm : "I am in harmony thanks to yoga" , "When I get home and sit on the sofa with a glass of red wine, I feel that I regain harmony ” .
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