What is harmful?

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What Does harmful Mean

The adjective injurious is used to qualify what causes or can cause an injury . An injury is called a physical or symbolic damage .

For example: “A new tax increase would generate a harmful framework for economic development” , “According to opposition leaders, the president established a harmful agreement that harms the country” , “There are regulations that are unnecessary and that are harmful to our business ” .
Take the case of a labor reform project . Driven by a political sector in Congress, the initiative aims to eliminate severance pay, allow layoffs without cause and shorten paid vacations with the intention of reducing costs for employers . Due to its characteristics, the project is classified by many people as harmful to workers .

Suppose that a government establishes an entrance evaluation to access public universities . The measure is criticized by those who argue that it is harmful to students who did not have the possibility of accessing a quality secondary education , since it makes it difficult for them to continue their training at a higher level.
In the field of criminal law , we speak of a harmful result when it is found that a legally protected asset suffers an injury. There are, therefore, crimes of harmful result .
In administrative law , meanwhile, a declaration of injury is called the act through which an administrative entity defines another prior act that it itself dictated as harmful to general interests. By pointing to this first act as harmful, you can ask the Justice for its annulment .

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