What is haptic?

What Does haptic Mean

The Greek word haptikós came to Castilian as haptic . It is a cultured adjective that can be used as a synonym for tactile .

Haptic or tactile, therefore, is something linked to touch : the sense that enables the perception of sensations of temperature, pressure and contact when palpating or touching . The discipline that analyzes these questions is known as haptics .
Haptic studies everything associated with the appreciation of contact and its effects . Touch is one of the first senses that develop in the human being and it is key to acquiring knowledge about textures, surfaces, etc.

The haptic system allows each subject to perceive the environment by appealing to the use of their own body . This sense is part of the essential tools for survival.
It is important to bear in mind that touch influences interpersonal relationships since it intervenes in non-verbal communication . In any case, it must be considered that the way of understanding physical contact varies according to each culture .
Haptic technology is called , on the other hand, that equipped with an interface that allows people to interact with the resource through touch . Appealing to sensors , haptic devices respond to the touch of individuals and, in turn, generate sensations that the user receives thanks to their haptic system.
Smartphones ( smartphones ) and various video game consoles have haptic technology. The PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), for example, includes joysticks with actuators that, through vibrations , stimulate the palm of the player's hand in different ways.

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